Walking Toward The Light

The sun is shinning brilliantly in our neck of the woods. The temperature is in the high 40’s and the walkers are out with their children. Before I began taking a lot of photographs I did not realize what an influence that the sun has on colors and shades and hues of the great outdoors. Sunlight can make a good picture a great one. As MJ would say, ‘The days are getting longer!’ Of course when walking around campus lake I see the occasional runner. One passed me today with a forlorn look on her face when she saw me put on my mask. I wonder if she was thinking how difficult it is to run with a face mask on?

I recall my years of working the 3rd shift at SIUC. I went to work in the dark and many times came home without the sun’s influence. Then in order to facilitate sleep in the daytime I would darken my bedroom as much as I could or the sun’s rays would alight upon my closed eyelids and inform my body clock that it was time to arise. Or as my mother-in-law would telephone me, shortly after I had achieved slumber, and when I answered she would proclaim, ‘You are not still in the bed, are you?’

Sunlight brings many benefits that cannot be realized in the dark. We can see where we are going. We can see where we have been. Monsters that are skulking behind trees or bushes are illuminated by the prisms of light. Shadows that seemed so frightening in the night…evaporate in the light of day. It is easier to read and therefore to understand. The smile of friends is readily apparent. The enemies that we were sure that we saw at midnight….are gone in the morning.

Walking after dark is somewhat frightening. There is difficulty in discerning the path. At times you may stumble on a stone or Gnome… Night with its blanket of darkness…sometimes…accidentally covers our head and with that our eyes. It is hard to see…unless you have a good flashlight… We know that there is a creature that lives under our bed…or in our closet…of behind the bedroom door. We may not be able to see the intruders but we believe that they are there by virtue of what the darkness has told us. Morning shows no such creatures…and we feel better…for awhile.

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on Pexels.com

Darkness lives in places in Social Media. We are made afraid. We seek closed doors and dim lights and the sun….seems to be a grinning Halloween Pumpkin. Depression and despair and discouragement are the clothes that we adorn ourself with. We wonder how things got so bad…and where were we while it was happening? Then we open our front door and step outside into the warming rays of our benevolent friend…and we are renewed…

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