A Candle In The Darkness

MJ and I just returned from our Veterinarian. Parker, our only remaining canine is now in palliative care. She is our rescue dog and is a Black Labrador. She is a sweet girl and has suffered various and sundry illnesses for all of her life. Parker loves her mommy. The Vet says that her lymph nodes are reduced in swelling…greatly. Her nose that had one nostril stopped up with dried blood is clear and she is breathing freely…and she seems happy and in constant search for marshmallows and special treats. I think that I am enjoying the simple things of life more than ever before. Being home a lot has caused me to reflect on my surroundings and how peaceful that they are. I have always sought peace and eschewed conflict. I understood as a young man that my life would be short…if I lived to be 100. Since probably Junior High School…I wanted to help people and to not hurt anyone.

Our troubles are turning around! It may be difficult to distinguish in the early stages…but we have turned a corner in our 2020/2021 Pandemic. There is light at the end of our tunnel of darkness and blue sky on our horizon. Human life is a regular challenge. There are hurdles of various sizes in our path from the cradle to the grave. However there are also times of joy and singing and dancing and laughter…the kind that makes yours sides ache! There is love…and the understanding of the infinite meaning of the word.

My entire career was spent in the Building Services department of the Physical Plant at Southern Illinois University. For a period of 10 years it seemed that we would never see normal again. Wrong was touted as right. Counterproductive activities were lauded as productive. Dirty University buildings were praised and clean buildings were anathema. It appeared to this writer that the powers that be…had lost their collective minds… No one seems to care about the welfare of the students. A slow down in work was promulgated by management and administration and those of us who felt that this was a scam and a con of our University Community were voiceless. But…finally those Alice In Wonderland reversals changed. Normalcy in the housekeeping of our wonderful Campus returned. We who had endeavored to circumvent the wrong that was being perpetrated by those in power…moved from the rebellious minority to the accepted majority. Hopeless adequately describes how I felt with a policy handed to me that would result in our destruction as a viable housekeeping department. Yet…times changed and logic won over lunacy.

So is today. Logical thought, as my favorite Star Trek character Mr. Spock, would always seek,…has won…for now. Covid-19 vaccinations are being fast tracked and the virulent virus is not being denied or politicized with a perverse bastardization of a life taking Pandemic! Life will go on and we will return to a New Normal…that realizes that all of our existence is hanging by a thread…and that it is vital that we make informed decisions that will add value to our terribly short lives…as we create light that will challenge the darkness of suffering and death…

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