Walking For Good Health

I have been walking for improved health for over 40 years. I never played basketball or football or baseball…but I am a natural walker. Thus ensues my daily walk on the campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale. Both on the campus proper and in campus woods…I am a regular. One of my 3 primary goals at the outset of my retirement from SIUC was to; walk, write, and read. Walking was number 1. Of late, the last 3 or 4 years, I have been happy with 3 or 4 thousand steps per day. I have stepped up my game! I am seeking to hit the recognized step goal of 10 thousand steps per day. It takes some time to walk 10 thousand steps in a day…but the benefits are many for the effort.

Priorities are the measure of a day well spent. Our bodies are machines of flesh and blood and bone. We were designed for movement…we were not manufactured to be sedentary. Walking reduces stress and is good for cognition. Walking reduces high blood pressure and aids in weight loss. Walking is considered the best medicine possible for Venus Reflux/Venus Insufficiency. Walking aids in a good nights sleep. Walking improves your attitude and sense of well being.

Many of my ideas for up-coming blogs that I am planning on writing occur while I am walking. In fact walking is so much a part of my daily routine I feel incomplete and somewhat let down when I am unable to engage in my favorite activity. I wonder if we would all walk 10 thousand steps a day if we would be so angry with each other and seek to argue and feud and fight? Steady movement is a great leveler of emotions. Joining the much enjoyable activity of walking with the splendor of nature…is a wining combination. After I have had the opportunity to spend quality time with the blue sky and ancient trees…along with the peaceful rhythms of a flock of geese and the earnest stares of foraging deer…I am happy to be alive!

We live in a society that seeks a pill for each of our aliments. Our television commercials are full of advertisements for a pharmaceutical for each and every one of our problems. We live in front of our screens. One in three Americans are obese. We often feel depressed and hopeless and afraid of what life has in store for us…and we take another pill…for a Balm of Gilead for our sick bodies and our sad souls… Fresh air and moderate consistent exercise is often the answer to our improved quality of life…and our enlightened outlook on the horizon that is before us.

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