The Secret

When I began in my life as an adult I was assured that the more money that your could make and acquire and the houses and lands that have your imprimatur on…are a physical sign of how successful that I had become. In fact, although it seems impossible now, I heard the doctrine of prosperity and silver and gold and stocks and bonds as a sure sign of God’s favor for my life. My fellow congregants were primarily poor and living on Social Security and of limited and humble means. I understood, as a lad, the impossibility of many of the elderly folks that were my blessed fellow church members of their becoming rich due to their christian walk. The chance of wealth might be attainable for a young person, as I was at the time, but to believe that the senior citizens of my little church would become rich because they kept the law of the Old Testament…was a fools errand… When ministers promise riches for a walk with Christ they are misdirecting their listeners from the humility of Jesus and his ministry. The christian walk is not about the obtaining of a McMansion.

Life is resplendent with the daily beauty of the little things. Our society implores us to be great. From an early age we are pushed to be the best and the brightest and the most successful and that success is measured primarily by how much money we have accrued. Hitler and Stalin and Mao accrued a lot of money and earthly riches…did this make them christians in good standing? Mother Theresa ministered to the lepors and the desperately poor of Calcutt, India…shouldn’t she have been wealthy for her humble christian service?

Lifes beauty is contained in it’s minutiae. We are programmed to look for the big bang and the marching band and the 4th of July Fireworks. We seek the praise of our colleagues and the bank account…of the Joneses… We hope that our position in our church will redound to a recognition of our christian maturing and our profound wisdom. We hunger for awards and recognition and newspaper articles that are written about our exploits and the smiling approval of those whom we meet as a sign of our community service.

Unsung and unrecognized and often members of the Great Unwashed are the people that have discovered the Secret. Those human beings that seek no ones praise or approval and who prefer that their good deeds are never known by anyone…have discovered the,’ peace that passes all understanding.’

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