My First Round of the Covid Vaccine

Our weather is a bit cooler today at 45 degrees but it is a vast improvement over last week. There is a residual of snow left from the over 9 inches that we received a few days ago along with a sheet of ice. Today on campus you could only witness a little snow that had originally been plowed into a large piles.

Spirits are lifted around the Books’ home this week as we have all received our first dose of the Covid Vaccine. MJ got her jab a few weeks back and Jonathon received his Wednesday and I Thursday and Aaron today. I wondered if I would ever be able to receive the Vaccine. After waiting a year, much of which was the development and testing of the various vaccines…and then the protocols for who gets their jabs first…it seemed a possible dream to be a recipient of the life saving vaccine. I was amazed at how few people were availing themselves of the Vaccine yesterday when I received the first dose. The Vaccine was being facilitated by the Illinois National Guard and the Jackson County Health Department. I had a 1:00 P:M: appointment and arrived a full 30 minutes early and was taken right in…there was 1 person ahead of me. MJ’s hairdresser told her that she had been told that there is vaccine that is thrown away every day because not enough people are availing themselves of it. Indeed there were several tables staffed by soldiers and they were petitioning me to come to their table.

I feel different after having received my first jab, as the British say, and I find myself looking toward the future with a heightened sense of safety and security. Our world has undergone pandemics in the past. Polio was a horrible scourge and tuberculosis was feared by millions…but science, by God’s grace, defeated those devastators of the human family. We are in the process of coming out of a life changing pandemic. It is our duty to look forward and embrace that light that is before us. Whatever good feeling and emotion that we feel…let us share that encouragement with another! When a little light shines upon our darkened path…let us grab the lantern and hold it in front of our caravan…to show the way…one step at a time…for our fellow travelers.

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  1. I too felt a feeling of relief after my first jab, although I still mask up before leaving my front door, even if staying within the building. You mention the illnesses of the past, but I fear they are only kept at bay by modern healthcare and antibiotics, and sadly some like AIDS and many cancers we still have no cure for. Healthcare is not universal either, so outbreaks will occur, again and again, we are running simply to stand still. We need to concentrate on the causes of major diseases – Poverty, poor housing, bad diet, obesity, and the way we create our food, has to be considered a factor. Factory farming, battery hens, steroids to fatten beef, and chlorine-washed chicken, I’m sure all have a part to play in the health problems of the world. and healthcare must be global not on the bases of the size of your pocketbook.

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