March Has Come In Like a Lamb

Spring is on its way! Although winter seemed exceedingly long…it was really only 3 months. There are a few days of it remaining. Our treadmill died…after 15 years. This unfortunate occurrence transpired without me using it for the last 12 of those years. So, it was off to search for new treadmills today. MJ has been an avid treadmill aficionado for 30+ years. The weather for the first day of March is serene and sunny in our neck of the woods. There is neither a hint of the snow and ice that we received last week… or the deluge of rain that we received over the weekend. It appears that the stage is set for a glorious spring and the return of life to our land.

Small things are a special gift. MJ told me many years ago that I had a photographic memory for minutiae. I recall when we were standing in a castle in Ireland and our tour guide was trying to remember the title of an American movie that she wanted to reference in the tour and I spoke out, ‘This Is Spinal Tap.’ And I was correct…although I had never seen the movie. I continue to enjoy ephemera. Jonathon picked up a Mr. T figure for me at Electric Larry’s Shop, yesterday. Mr. T was a member of the A Team in a popular television show of the 1980’s. The first lady at the time, Nancy Reagan, sat on his lap for a commercial to, ‘Just Say No,’ to drug usage. One of Mr. T’s catch phrases was, ‘I pity the fool!’

My daily thoughts are filtered through two unusual prisms. The first would be scripture as I have been a christian for over 50 years…and the other would be television and pop culture and movie references. Entire scenes from the television show, Seinfeld, come to mind almost daily.

Our future is bright if we have eyes to see the light over the darkness. Life is lived by most of us in the manner that we receive it. If we are looking for deceit and despondency and destruction…we will find it. If we are searching for hope and happiness and halcyon days…we will discover them. The decision is ours. Spring is upon us. New life and hope and promise is ours. Lets forget the painful past and look toward the brilliance of our our future. As long as there is life…there is hope…

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  1. How quickly our mood changes when spring arrives, as it has here over the last few days, a real shot in the arm, you might say.

    1. It is indeed a, ‘Shot In the arm.’ A great morale booster!

  2. And how many of us use the treadmill as a clothes hanger! Keep up the good work. ~ Kelly

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