The Treadmill

MJ has been a treadmill aficionado for over 30 years. I have been a reluctant treadmill user on a sliding scale. Our treadmill of 15 years has bit the dust. When I telephoned out trash removal company to ascertain if they could pick it up…they told me to disassemble what I could and that they would send the big truck tomorrow. MJ and I got to work and I unwrapped my cloth satchel of 100 screwdrivers and related tools…and we were successful in some significant disassembling of Old Faithful. When I telephoned the treadmill retrievers I spoke to another woman and told her, with some pride of purpose, that we had disassembled a significant portion of the treadmill and that it would be waiting by the road for them in the morning. She responded that they would do their best…but that they, at times, were unable to pick up some treadmills due to their being…humongous…

One of my problems with treadmills is that they remind me of the futility of some aspects of life. Have you ever felt that your were walking as fast as your legs and feet would carry you…and yet you did to seem to be getting anywhere? I had the feeling, at times, when I was working. Try as I might there were years that I seemed to be able to move the department forward and other years when we simply marched in place. Ever diminishing budgets were are most virulent foe. The same could be said for our 2020 Pandemic experience. We count our blessings if no one in our family or friends became ill with Covid and if no one succumbed to the terrible plague. Everything has been on hold and we have been walking in place…waiting for the vaccines. Now we see the light…as we round the corner of our discontent. Now we understand how precious was the fellowship and comity of our family and friends and the living of what we call a normal life. Perhaps now we realize that we were never walking or marching or running in place…but rather we were living a wonderful and generous and full life…that could so easily be altered in a draconian fashion…

Treadmills produce appreciable results that redound to the health and well-being of the user. They are neither a waste of time or a useless endeavor. The treadmill exemplifies much of the feeling of the daily walk-of-life. Sometimes it seems mundane and ordinary and repetitious…but the benefits are immeasurable…

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  1. I would never buy a treadmill, walking is much less mind-numbing, you get fresh air, exercise, meet up with others, even if only to say hello in the passing. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to get off your bum and get out, walking (or any other outside activity) get a dog, you are then committed to outdoor walking, no matter the weather.

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