Spring is Blooming & Life is Returning

Wednesday I observed many buds on the trees at SIUC. Today some of the buds are blossoming. The natural cycle of life is working and our deferred hope for a brighter future is budding out on our barren tree of life…as well… We are on the precipice of embracing more normalcy than we have experienced in over a year. A year is a long time in the annals of a human life.

Harold’s Chicken is delicious! Jonathon brought us home some wings…and I did not realize how good that this delicacy could be…but I do now. The American Rescue Plan is a good thing. Millions of Americans, who have been devastated by our Pandemic, will receive sorely needed help. We have not been through a minor tragedy…we have undergone the worst Pandemic in over 100 years. Some say that there is work for those who want it. I do not believe that is remotely true for everyone and the trite observation certainly does not feed their hungry and starving children. The Hospitality industry has been decimated and many of our local restaurants have shuttered their doors for good…due to not having funds to remain open. It is widely reported that the American Rescue Plan is the greatest outreach to the middle class and the poor…since President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932. I was watching a Republican Senator from Mississippi brag about how many Mississippians will be helped by the Bill…but he neglected to mention that he did not vote for it… I agree that all of our citizenry should be expected to work and provide for themselves and their families…but that is difficult when you have lost your means of employment due to no fault of your own. Covid is a crisis like none of us have lived through…and many of us did not survive.

Humans are an intrigal component of nature. The rhythms of our lives are in sync with nature’s clock. We can no more separate ourselves from the earth and the stars than the air or the trees or the animal kingdom…of which we are members. I regularly see deer or squirrels or ducks of geese or Great Blue Heron…and I wonder what they are thinking about the condition of the earth and their predatory animal neighbors…humans?

So now we are,’ coming up out of the wilderness…leaning on the arm of our beloved…’ Many of us have gone through; denial…and then acceptance….and then sadness…and now joy in the morning! Churches will reopen for in person worship. Movie theatre’s will again have an in person audience. The Brooks will be flying to Destin, Florida…and in the fall…to Booth-bay, Maine…and we will have an increased appreciation for how in a moment our life can change…and what a blessing normalcy is…

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