Return Engagement

Billy B. was on his way to the theatre. He was excited about just making the journey as it had been over a year since he had attended the movies. Going to the movies had been a life long passion of his. When he sat in the darkened auditorium and watched the larger than life actors portraying their roles on screen…he was transported to other worlds and times and places. This morning he had engaged in his daily regiment of walking on campus and noticing the natural beauty of the well kept grounds. A flock of loudly honking geese had flown over and he mused that they were returning home after the long and cold winter. He noticed that his legs ached and that his movements were more deliberate than in his younger days. When he sat for a season…he wanted to continue to sit a while longer. Once that he was moving the lubrication of his rusty hinges seemed to enable continuing movement. He could walk 10 thousand steps if he did not stop to smell the roses. Billy had seen the photo of a friend who was in hospice care on Facebook. There were his loved ones around him and their smiles accompanied by their sad eyes.

Chet was waiting for him at the Orpheum Theatre front door. ‘What were you doing and where have you been,’ asked Chet? ‘I was contemplating writing a story about what it feels like to grow old,’ Billy B. replied. He went on to say, ‘Have you ever felt like you are experiencing things that you already have experienced…but you can not seem to remember where or when?’ Chet answered, ‘They call the feeling, deja vu.’

‘Riddles: ‘Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man’s father was my father’s son…’

‘How can a son be his own father?’

As the movie progressed Billy continued to write his first book in his head. It would be about the ending of a Pandemic in the year 2021. He would be the main character and would be 63 years old and living in the largest town…or small city in Southern Illinois…Carbondale…the home of Southern Illinois University.

Then…Billy B. awoke and there he was on the porch of his ‘Leave It To Beaver’ house in Sauk Village. He was waiting on Danny and Pauly to come over to play…and he had the definite thought that this house was nice as compared to others that he had lived in….he was 4 years old…

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