The Last Days Of Winter

Winter has 4 days remaining. It is a chilly 59 degrees today. Two days from now I receive my second jab of the Pfizer vaccine. While the United Sates is succeeding at the new President’s goal of 100 million Covid vaccines during the first 100 days of his presidency…Europe is undergoing another group of lock-downs due to a third wave of the Pandemic. We are, as the old axiom goes, ‘So close and yet so far!’ Texas has removed all of its restrictions surrounding the virus and that is including the wearing of face masks. College youth are flocking and flooding the beaches of Florida and rejoicing in no fear of the scourge that their parents and grandparents have told them about…but we are no where near Herd Immunity… Sadly…time served in the lock-down of our 2020/2021 Pandemic does not give we prisoners a reduction in our Coronavirus sentence.

Welcome spring…say we survivors of the ice and snow and blistering winds of arctic air! We are thinking of Hawaiian shirts and shorts and no socks and straw hats. The President told us to prepare for backyard cookouts on the 4th of July…and we are already writing the menu. Travel to Destin, Florida and Booth Bay, Maine…is in our future…we think…but not quite yet… Our winter has 4 more days…and it will not be hurried by our impatience. The stark realities of our Pandemic are ‘sport coat lapel grabbing’ and ‘face slapping’…as in the Francis Ford Coppola movie classic, The Godfather. Marlon Brando, The Godfather, slaps the character, Johnny Fontaine (Al Martino) around the face and tells him, ‘You can act like a man!,’ after he starts whining about not getting a movie part that he desperately wants.’ And so it goes…with us… We are neither in a movie nor a children’s bedtime story…this is real life…and the caviler ignoring of the basic health principles that have kept us safe thus far we do at our own peril!

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  1. Yes, we hear and see it every day now, on TV, on the radio, and now pressure on the first ministers or the devolved nations and in Westminster, the cry “When will lockdown end, when can the pubs open up, when, when, when. There are still hundreds in this country dying from coronavirus and thousands across the world, Let’s get the virus under control before we start opening up anything, or we will be back at square one, (and remember the wise words from WHO “no one is safe until everyone is safe.”

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