Uniqueness In The Midst Of Mediocrity

I have noticed that I tend to give a weather report at the beginning of many of my blogs. Well, today it is 52 degrees with a chill factor of 46. An 18 degree drop from yesterday. In the world of winter it is warm and in the world of spring it is chilly. Such is life.

One of my favorite things about my church, First Presbyterian Church @ Carbondale, Illinois, is their out reach to and acceptance of…all people. Acceptance is not so easy to find. It is easy to seek to talk like our colleagues or faith community. It is easy to ‘ape’ or pattern our conduct and clothing and political affiliations to fit into the wooden constructed form, similar to a concrete form, that our peer group expects.

Humbled and proud would best describe my feelings at being afforded the opportunity to reach out to the disabled community. The precious staff that we were able to hire into our department were some of the finest employees that we had during my 32 + year career. Their dedication to the success of Building Services and the advancement of Southern Illinois University…was herculean.

When I speak to someone who has a different opinion than what is accepted as the norm…I learn to see things in a new way and from a different point of view. The accepted geographical knowledge of Christopher Columbus time was that the world was flat…there are still people that believe that this is true…but Columbus proved that the earth was round…as well as satellite photos.

When I was a child it was widely assumed that the earth was the only planet in our galaxy that had intelligent life on it. Flying saucers and UFO’s were relegated to the comic books and science fiction novels. Now a high percentage of humanity believe that UFO’s are real.

Black people…are people. Not better not worse than white people…but equal. African Americans have been instrumental in much of my career and I am once again…humbled and honored by their friendship.

Gay people are people. Not better not worse than straight people…but equal. MJ and I have some wonderful Gay friends that are some of the sweetest people that we have ever known.

Christ came to those who had no voice in his day…and he spoke for them. He came to those who had no place in society…and he said stand by me…we are in this together.

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  1. Take his yoke upon thee and learn of him.

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