Easter has dawned in a glorious manner. It is 63 degrees and the sun is shinning and the birds are singing. Spring has awakened from the slumber of winter and nature’s renewed life is evident everywhere that you look. I think what I appreciate most about Easter is the hope of renewed life. No matter how desperate and discouraging and depressing the frigid cold and ice of winter may have left us…we know spring is coming around the corner. Although our shared Pandemic has been cruel and the dark tunnel that we have all been in has seemed endless…there is light flickering at the end of it.

Many have asked how can you believe in Christ whom you have not seen. What is this thing that you call faith? Pope Francis says that you can see the face of Christ when you peer into the face of the poor. The Bible tells us that Mary Magdalene, after speaking to the angels that were in Jesus empty tomb, turns and sees the resurrected Christ but does not recognize him, and mistakes him for the Gardner. She did not know him until he spoke her name. Often we do not recognize Christ…until he speaks our name.

MJ hid our Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies this morning. I do not mean just for Aaron and Jonathon…but BJ as well! Spirits were high as we enjoyed Zoom Church and then traveled the short distance to Walkers Bluff Legends Restaurant. Even now as I put the finishing touches on this blog the sun is setting with a peaceful glow of better days ahead. It is mowing time once again and my neighbor is doing so right now. I am happy to be here for another Easter and laugh with my loved ones and eat a chocolate bunnies ear…and think about the miracle of the resurrection and the mystery of faith…and of seeing Jesus Face…and of hearing him say my name…

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  1. Once in an April morning………

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