‘Happy Trails To You’

Once again we have received another lovely day in Little Egypt. The temperature is 79 degrees with a wind of 20 miles per hour. I think that it must be the warmest day this year. Campus was resplendent with purple flowering trees. MJ and I agree that we both hear Parker, our recently deceased Black Lab, and I attest that I hear her more than once a night…padding around the house. When our Boston Terriers passed away, Wallace two years ago next month and Brody in January, we were devastated…but there is something about loosing the last of the trio that hit us especially hard.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans had a popular television show when I was a child. Roy and Dale were a singing cowboy and cow girl. The program ran during much of the 1950’s and had a total of 100 episodes. There were also Roy Rogers clothes and lunchboxes and books. Last Saturday I purchased a Roy Rogers book. When I was a youngster I was mesmerized by these hardcover books that were written for children. Roy’s horse was named Trigger, the Golden Palomino and his dog was Bullet, the Wonder Dog. The show’s theme song was, ‘Happy Trails To You.’

Spring is a busier time than winter for many of us. Indeed we have been hibernating for over a year now. One thing that I have learned after being a homeowner for over 40 years is that every time I look up…there is another repair or improvement needed. When you are done with one there will be two coming down the road to replace it. The mysterious riddle is exemplified when you consider that every physical thing that you see will one day be overcome by time and return to dust and the dust to molecules…and it is said that molecules never die… Or as the television show Saturday Night Live had a segment for a few years…’Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy.’

April is upon upon us with the promise off new life and hope and vitality of purpose and a vision for our happy future. Life really is what we make of it. We can let our circumstances beat us and crosses that we bear…become to heavy to lift… Or, we can awake to the panoply of possibilities that are before us and rejoice in the hope that is in the eyes of our family and friends and those who we assist on the…’Happy Trails to you…

Until We Meet Again…’

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  1. there is a programme running on the television, about abandoned buildings (most from the war years and the cold war years). and many in this relatively short period of time have been reclaimed by nature. For the first time in history, we (man) have contributed more to the surface of the earth than nature. It is believed that if the world was devoid of people, within 100 years nature would reclaim the surface of the earth. When you think of coronavirus how it almost devastated the population of the world, we seem to be in a tug of war, man V nature.

  2. Gorgeous post, with some thought-provoking photography! Beautiful and humane!

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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