Life Is Change

The older I become the less likely I am to embrace change. Change is fun to talk about…and hard to accomplish. Yet, as I look back on my 63 years on earth nothing has been a more regular traveler with me on the road of life…than change. When I retired, over 10 years ago, I understood that change was coming. I had watched my friends and colleagues retire at the historical retirement age and soon become incapacitated or often soon die after their entrance into the joys of the Golden Years. I hoped to beat the system…at least a little. Many of our current social and political problems are the direct result of we citizens balking at the change that is already upon us.

On January the 6th of this year our Capitol was overran by insurrectionist attempting a coop. Although the United States has proudly worn the moniker of a melting pot for all peoples…our practice of this profound statement has been sorely lacking. Many Anglo Saxons cannot comprehend that they soon will be in the minority in our country. Rather than engaging in the dynamic movements of peoples from across the planet they have chosen to shut their eyes from seeing and shut their ears from hearing the cries of their black and brown brothers and sisters. It has been said that ‘Denial’ is a river in Egypt. Conspiracy theories and prejudice and hate for our fellow human beings has moved in where the vacuum left by unrecognized change…has skulked like a hidden wolf…

Faith Communities have changed. Not so much for we life long members of various denominations…we are still alright and comfortable in the faith of our fathers and the warm embrace of familiarity of worship. We realize, on some level, that there are a multitude of our neighbors and friends that want the assurance of a community of believers that will, ‘walk with us and talk with us along life’s narrow way.’ At one time our home churches were overflowing with people hungry for somewhere that was a demonstration of a real Christian faith…that was illustrated by how the poor and needy were treated. Could it be that now everyone is alright and happy without the comfort and the challenge of a Christian community?

Change is not always dramatic. It can be ignored for some time…until we are faced, like a slap in the face, with our chosen blindness to what has been occurring for many years. Sadly we choose not to visit our doctor when we have what seems to be manageable until we are bedfast and almost beyond medical assistance. Many friends tell me that one day they are going to retire and then they are going to travel and enjoy life…

Change happened in 2020. Our once in a century Pandemic altered all of our lives. I watched as a congressman endeavored to make Dr. Fauci the fall guy for the Pandemic. He blamed the doctor for the restrictions that accompany the need to not die from Covid. Over 570 thousand Americans have died from the virus. We so hate to change that many of us refuse to wear a face mask and claim that our rights have been infringed upon. One hundred years ago face masks were a requirement for the Spanish Flu. A new normal is now part of our reality.

We are afraid of the unknown. However, the great unknown awaits us all…and it will be a change…

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  1. Change is indeed inevitable and we all have to adapt, like it or not! Sigh!

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