Are You In Inside…Looking Out…Or Are You On The Outside…Looking In?

Jonathon met the Chancellor today at the Student Center. He was impressed with how friendly the he was and the natural manner in which he spoke to him. Believe it or not…friendly goes a long way with we rank and file folks. When you meet us…do you remember our name? If you are our pastor…do you make it a point to know each member of your congregation well enough to hold a decent conversation with them? Do we feel like a few select people run the organization…while the rest of us are along for the ride.

I spoke with a friendly and timid squirrel today. Now before you think that I am daft…have you ever tried speaking with a friendly and timid squirrel? They are actually quite pleasant conversationalist. We humans are bedrock certain that we are the dominate species on earth due to our big brains and advance intellectual capacities. But…how do we know that it true? Has a squirrel ever told you that fact… I watched some dolphins in Destin, Florida last week while we were eating at the restaurant 790. Our fellow diners stood up and peered and postulated in enraptured excitement and joy at the Dolphins that were swimming so close to shore. I was so taken aback that I forgot to take any photos…and I take a lot of photos!

How is it that leaders feel that some people…rather in our church congregation or in the workplace or the company setting…are so much more enabled to be the advisors and the movers and the shakers and those who have the best ideas for the church or the university or the political party? As the organization diminishes and the church dies…how is it that leadership does not seek other voices and new ideas for survival and growth…

Whatever organization that you are a member of…be certain that only a few people are the decision makers…and the rest of us are subject to the decisions of the insiders or the select few. Often the decision makers have money to back up their voice and their authority. Often they have longevity and perceived career accomplishments to carry in their briefcase of leadership advice. Organizations rally around the tired and true leadership that has taken them from church memberships of hundreds to little over 100. University administrators seek the same cadre of wise men that have taken the Alma Matter from nearly 25 thousand to under 10 thousand…and they wonder what the endemic problem is…

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