A 57 Original

He opened his eyes and wondered if where he was now was real and where he had just come from had been a dream. Or was it vice-versa as his mom had been fond of saying when the tables were turned in life’s events. Where he had been was Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale. He not only had not retired but was working the night shift. The new director would not speak to him and a woman who had been a member of his staff…now occupied his office. He was working covertly to clean the University buildings that were sorely in need of cleaning. A colleague asked him when he was going to retire and he answered that he has put it off for 10 years, but that he thought that he would retire soon…and see the world.

Before being at SIUC he had been enjoying his mystery cruise that he found himself embarking on several occasions over the past 20 years. There were lovely stores and restaurants and cigar bars…and other bars…and quality entertainment. He thought what a life and why would he ever want to leave such easy and satisfying fun. There she was with the two by her side. She had a firm grip on each of their little hands and one called me Di Da and the other laughed each time that he heard the interesting title.

Suddenly he was reading his Bible with the hand made leather cover at his mom’s home. He was in the kitchen and the adjacent coal stove was so hot that the pages of the good book curled upwards. He thought about the opportunity that he had been given…and he arose to retrieve another glass of milk.

As he got out of bed and shuffled into the rest room and looked into the mirror…he thought…A 57 Original…

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