New Car Fever

MJ and I were getting our oil changed in our new Subaru this morning…when I said, jokingly, that we should just go ahead and purchase another Subaru…since we had a 2007 Camry. She smiled a wicked smile… I thought little more about it until the Service Manager came out and said that our Subaru Limited was done with its oil change. MJ then mentioned that the had wanted to ask, Alex who is our salesman, if he had the Subaru Touring on the lot that she had seen advertised on the Subaru web-site. I said that I would go and retrieve our SUV and she was to search for, Alex. When I walked back into the sales room…there was MJ in the Manager’s office. They were in deep discussion regarding a Subaru Touring that was being shipped from Japan…and no interest payments for 36 months. The Touring also had a significant discount as well. Now plans were to purchase another Subaru in December 2022…but we are old and our discipline has aged with us…

Our Vintage Toyota Camry is being traded in. It is a 2007…and it has been a wonderful automobile. It has 93 thousand miles on it…it was owned by a little old couple in Carbondale, Illinois. I bought it a few months prior to my retirement in 2010. I purchased it gently used. Recently we put a $335 dollar 12 volt battery in it…everything is more expensive in a Hybrid automobile.

Our first new car was an LTD 2 door sedan. MJ had an old Ford Maverick and I had a 1963 Ford Fairlane…when we Wed in 1978. The drivers side floor board in my 63′ Fairlane had holes in it and the winter wind roared in as I took MJ on our first date. I had a board propped against the back of the drivers side seat and the other end of it against the bench seat in the back. If not the front driver’s side seat would fall into the back bench seat…making it difficult to drive the vehicle. On the same date, where I cavalierly took her to the Golden Bear Pancake House in Carbondale…she offered to drive her much more environmentally pleasant Maverick…I announced that we would go in my decrepit Fairlane…as I was the man in the invitation.

Life changes things….age changes things. I have been blessed to enjoy over 10 years of retirement…so far. That fact is not lost on me. Many people are never able to retire. I have been honored to live with a precious partner who is always looking out for my welfare. My sons are extraordinary and a constant delight and inspiration. People…as a rule…are nice and kind to me. I am humbled and honored by the affection that is shown me. MJ and I began our life together without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of… Many laughed…either to themselves or out loud and said, How could she be interested in that guy…it will never last…!’ But it has lasted for 43 + years…

Life’s Journey is a long and extremely winding road. The saddest times can turn into joy. The darkest of times have peace…hidden in them. It has been said that time heals all wounds…it really does… ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ ‘Hindsight is 20/20.’ I wrote, recently, of the chapters of life. Indeed…life has hidden narratives that we do not comprehend or understand…until we live their rich tapestry…

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