GI Joe…Bob Hope

Cumulus clouds are covering our skies. The temperatures are a bit cooler and there has been some rain and there is more in the forecast for the latter part of the week. I wrote of the great closet clean-out earlier and one of my fellow bloggers mentioned that I was either, ‘very early for spring cleaning or very late.’ I think that both measures equally apply. I was reminded of the old radio show, Fibber McGee and Molly, and Fibber’s closet. The show regularly depicted Fibber opening his closet door and a thunderous crash ensuing as the pent up contents were released on to the hall floor. The popular radio program ran from 1935 – 1959 and starred, Jim Jordan and Marian Jordan. The Jordans were, ‘a husband and wife team that had been working in radio since the 1920’s, according to Wikipedia.

Bob Hope was a comedic icon to me when I was growing up. Mom loved Bob Hope. He was an extraordinary comedian as well as performing in several feature length films. He and the singer Bing Crosby, along with the actress Dorothy Lamour starred in what was commonly referred to as the ‘Road Pictures.’ Where Bob captivated my imagination as a child and young man was his yearly traveling to perform for our troops in Vietnam. Mr. Hope began performing for soldiers stationed overseas during World War II and continued for 50 years visiting armed service personnel across the planet.

So today I was able to order from Etsy a GI Joe Action Figure that is fashioned to look like Bob Hope that is from the early 1990’s. I recall the resurgence of the foot tall GI Joe Action Figures of the 90’s as it was reminiscent of the original GI Joe figures of the mid 1960’s. I was an Action Figure fan in the 60’s…but I never possessed an actual GI Joe…but rather his less expensive cousin…Stony. But, now, Bob Hope is coming my way and he will be the fifth of my GI Joe collection which is comprised of 3 miniature GI Joes from the latter 1990’s and one full size figure.

Increasingly I am drawn to vintage toys. You have heard of the second childhood…

Hope has come under some criticism over the past few years…but nothing can change my mind regarding his supreme and heartfelt dedication to our troops when they were in the most dire of circumstances… and lonely… and away from home. He and the performers who accompanied him put their lives at risk to bring a measure of joy to our troops and the look on their faces and their laughter and exuberance illustrated what a gift that Bob Hope’s visit had given to them.

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  1. When I lived and worked in Edinburgh I visited the theatre a lot, being the provinces, most of the big names came when in their twilight years. I remember seeing Bing Crosby when he came, He looked just as he had done in many of the films, he never seemed to change or grow old. He told a joke about the Italian (born in NY and had never been near Italy) but always talked about “Going back to the old country” It was a rubbish joke, sort of schoolboy stuff, but we all laugh. I still tell that joke today.

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