Passing 100K Views On The Happy Traveler

It has been another closet cleaning day for Fibber McGee and Molly’s closet. After some significant labor and returning memories…we have finally completed the Closet Project. It is currently 90 degrees and feels like 99. For tomorrow a heat advisory has been issued. It was a good day to stay inside and clean the closet. I wonder what possessed us to save so much stuff? There was a VCR that does not work and 2 camcorders from the 1980’s. One camcorder recoded on full size VCR tapes while the other took much reduced in size tapes with an adaptor that the tapes were placed in to facilitate their playback in a VCR. The full size VCR camcorder was my deceased step-father’s while the second was my pride and joy as I recorded 100’s of hours of tape when Aaron and Jonathon were very young. All holidays and special occasions are recorded as well as the old man and MJ…when they were much younger. There are also many loved ones who are no longer with us…that are smiling and in the holiday spirit…on the tapes. I began a TV Guide collection in the 1980’s that I pared down in latter years. The guides were in the box with the VCR tapes. We re-discovered an old handbag that was full of coins. When we stored it…20 years ago…we vowed that we would go through it…and so we did…today. There were two framed photos of me and my last director, Phil, with then Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich. Former Governor Blagojevich after that photo went on to achieve some measure of infamy by being sent to prison for attempting to sell or barter the vacant Senate Seat of Presidential candidate Barack Obama. There were neckties strewn on the floor. Over my 25 years as a manager/administrator at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…I purchased a lot of ties. I enjoyed a good silk tie…and often they were not cheap. Knowing that I have a drawer that is packed with ties that I will never wear again…I discarded the escapees.

So today WordPress informs me that I have passed 100,000 views on The Happy Traveler. I was pleased to hear it since I average around 20 likes per blog. However likes and views are different. I began blogging in 2012…infrequently. I did not begin blogging on a regular basis until our month long visit to Europe in 2014. Our friend Margo is an accomplished author and we stayed with her and Jeff for a week in Nice, France. When I saw her office and heard her speak of her love of writing…I was hooked…and have never become unhooked since that summer visit to the south of France. We were guests of Margo at an authors event held by Patricia Sands. Patricia was so welcoming to MJ and me and the French authors were inspiring with their passion to write…I became a Constant Blogger…

My blogging is a bit like most of my endeavors…plodding and slow…but steady and resolute. I write about what I like and what I am thinking about when I sit down to produce a few readable thoughts. If I am anything…I am a thinker. I seldom accept something at face value. If the preacher or the politician or the pundit tells me the truth as they see it…I often disagree after thinking about what they have said and using my ruler or measuring the utterances against the empirical facts. I love free spirits. I love people who fly their Freak Flag…unashamedly. People who question…are in my club. I think that blogging is a marvelous expression of freedom of thought. In my mind…there is no higher calling…

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  1. I have a long way to go to catch up, but it is irrelevant really, The reason I started my blog, is no longer relevant, but I keep writing, for my own amusement. this is ticking over time and the real work will come when I leave for Europe in the spring, (I promise, already booked into the YH in Austria for the May Day celebrations.)

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