Face Shields Are Hot

Jonathon and I engaged in round #2 this morning of the mildew removal on our siding. After my first adventure, on Thursday, I was amazed that my left eye did not hurt or sting when I accidentally shot a direct stream into it as I was trying to read the instructions for releasing the cleaner. I rushed into the house to rinse my eye…then I went back to work and was amazed that there was no appreciable amount of chemical that had. been released from the hose grip bottle. I thought, with a bit of self satisfaction, that surely the two $16 bottles that I had purchased would do my house 2 or 3 times over…with no doubt some to spare. Once the job had been completed I immediately showered…as I was still worried about the miracle siding cleaning chemical…and the fact that I had taken a direct hit in my eye. Standing under the cascading water…for at least five minutes, with my eyes open, they were truly bloodshot and irritated when the process was completed. I have worried about my left eye for the past 48 hours. Jonathon and I began the second application of the cleaner…and I noticed…again…that it was imperceptible the amount of soap that was leaving the small bottle. Upon a more detailed search…I discovered that I did not have the cleaning arrow fully engaged…and thus there was no chemical being applied to the house or my eye. Once it began flowing…it exited the bottle in record time!

Safety was of paramount importance after my Thursday…almost accident. I found 2 face shields for $16 apiece. I thought that they would be about $5 or $6. The gentleman who was assisting me told me that the face shields had been unavailable for a year due to Covid. There were only a few when I bought our 2. I had assumed that the face shields that I had seen in abundance during the height of the Pandemic were probably comfortable to wear. Well the Delta Variant of Covid has caused a terrible resurgence of the Virus and face shields are appearing all over town as the realization that we are far from out of the woods. They are hot and more difficult to breathe in than a face mask in my opinion. However Jonathon and mine were made out of heavier plastic that was suitable for chemical protection.

Real…is to be desired in today’s plastic society. One terrible thing that is extremely real is our Pandemic. What if we are not at the end…but the middle of the scourge? We humans have a short little span of attention. Especially we in the industrialized west want what we want when we want it… We are accustomed to people caring for our needs. We do not like to wait for anything. It is still difficult for me to believe…but many jobs are impossible to fill with Americans seeking gainful employment. When I was a lad I accepted any job that would hire me. I did not think that I was too good to work in manual labor. In fact I perceived that I might do so for my entire career. All work has dignity and value. But, we have been spoiled to accept the easy fix and the easy answer to life’s difficult questions. We have accepted that the accrual of money without an appreciable product to show for it…is smart business. We think little of debt or sound financial planning but rather prefer the buy now and pay later philosophy. Some of our politicians have no marketable skills but have fallen into $175 K annual jobs that they will likely never loose until then die. Many of these folks you would not hire for your beginning employment in your company. All that they have to do is ascertain what their voting base wants and then poly parrot those lies and conspiracy theories to the 750 thousand that they are elected to represent…and all are happy in their shared confused denial of reality…until they begin dying…

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