Friendly People

So, today MJ and I visited the Division of Motor Vehicles. It was time for me to renew my driver’s license. Also we needed to put a vehicle in our Trust. One of the nicest people at the Carbondale DMV is a red headed lady that has been there…it seems to me…for the past 25-30 years. She assisted us with the lengthy title procedure…and even brought me a clip board…as the old man grew tired of standing…to facilitate my not having to stand up, again, and walk to the desk. Good people make me want to be good. They inspire me to strive to be better…as the woman at SIUC told me after she had complained for over 1 hour regarding the performance of housekeeping at the University. She proclaimed…’Mr. Brooks…you could be better!’ I responded that I heartily agreed with her assessment and that I was going to conclude our conversation and set about her recommendation.

As I walked Campus this morning I was pleased to see many students preparing to welcome our incoming Class of 2021. They were excited regarding their mission…and their enthusiasm was contagious. The University is like the most lovely of Gothic Churches…it is nothing without its’ people. When our precious students are present at our lovely Campus…we are complete and whole and ready to set fourth on our great journey…

Safety should be of paramount concern for our schools that are either opening this week or next. Politics and political expediency should have no role to play in protecting our children. The first illogical premise to be thrown in the bin is that freedom to wear a face mask or not to is somehow directly connected to being free… The Delta Variant is spreading like a fire in standing corn…and Lambda is on its’ heels! Somehow we have the unusual idea that we modern and 21st Century people should not be dealing with a Black Plague from the 14th Century. We seem to feel that if we are canny enough or confident enough…that the pestilence will not touch us or our loved ones. In our supposed freedom…we have expanded our ignorance…

Churches beware. So we got a surprise with the Delta Variant of our 2020/2021 Pandemic. We saw it in the distance…in India. First we are primarily concerned that we and our close affiliations get the vaccination…or we have done our research and have decided to not get the vaccine at all…and then we wonder when much of the world neither have vaccinations or even have access to one if desired. Churches are in the mode of Covid Success With Vaccines…but the empirical evidence does not support this hypothesis. To remain open…is playing with prospective fire…that can not be contained. In many areas of our country the Virus is much worse than when we shut our doors in precaution and the motivation of safety for our congregations…

Life brings us many reversals. To set our cap on concrete certainty is a bit childish and naive. We are in the midst of a world-wide killing Pandemic…that we have only read about in our history books. As we read…we thought…how sad for those poor people… We are those people! We live in the day of incredible wealth and abject poverty. Those of us who have some resources…believe that our accumulated wealth will save us from the coming storm. Many of us have been told that god blesses the chosen with good heath and great wealth…while the poor christian…seeks shelter from the cold on a heating grate and food from the dumpster that is behind our favorite 5 star restaurant. Lies and loud and confidentially proclaimed political rhetoric will not shelter us from our persistent Pandemic. The unquestioned truth that we are all weak humans…who are susceptible to disease….and we…

grieve at loss…and who need each other desperately….the reality has been hidden from us by many of our leaders. We paint the the upstairs of our magnificent homes…while we smell the hint of acrid smoke…emanating from the basement..which is ablaze…

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