Fall Semester Begins

Campus is abuzz and aflutter with the comings and goings of our precious students returning to Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…and with our wonderful new students…and their parents. When I first witnessed the traffic on Giant City Road…I thought that there must have been an automobile accident. On the contrary…Carbondale High School has begun its semester and it is move in day at SIUC. These are exciting times for a college town… As I was entering Faner a petite young lady held the door for me…and I considered how wonderful nice young people are…and I thought that I probably reminded her of her grandfather. Another student was practicing twirling a University flag…and as long as I can recall I have witnessed this flag twirling session when Fall Semester begins.

In 1978 I was the same age as many of the Universities students…now I could indeed be the grandfather to a new SIUC student… When I first became a supervisor in Building Services…at the ripe old age of 22…I often dressed in a cardigan to appear older than my youthful years. In fact for many years people guessed me older than my chronological age…and I liked it. Now when they guess me older…it does not have the same resonance. I know that Southern has been my home for the past 43 years. I love it…and I love driving to it each day…much as I did during my 32 year and 2 months and 3 week career. I vividly remember the mystery and the majesty of Little Egypt’s hidden treasure. I was overjoyed with the knowledge that not only had I been hired into a job…that was a career…but that I had the opportunity to obtain a college education…and work as a member of an international community.

Hopeless…gave way to hopeful… Economic marginalization evaporated in the brilliant light of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale. Suddenly…the pages of Earth’s Book were available for me to read…in the faces of my international friends and colleagues. SIUC was an oasis in the midst of a desert. I had been accustomed to hearing a very narrow view of life and its purpose. I knew that there was more…but SIUC…opened the door of opportunity for me…

And so, we gather tomorrow with our loving family, Ira Kaye and Ron, at the Bricks Wood Winery…which was formally the Russel Hill Winery. It will be great to enjoy the fellowship of our long time travel partners and fellow visitors to Hawaii in 2015…which seems like yesterday. We will engage in solving the world’s problems and sip wine and be thankful for the days of grace that we are enjoying. The hands of time wait for no woman or man. The sand in the hour glass continues to cascade to the bottom. What we first thought was a long time…is but the briskness of a Weaver’s Shuttle…

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  1. I found that once I was in the (higher) education system, you just kept ongoing. As college ended you simply signed up for uni, even if your initial idea was just to get a basic education, and not until the end of it all do you realize just how much you have changed by the experience, maybe this is why they call education a vocation. And yes, the sand that passes through the orifice of the hourglass seems to wear and enlarge the hole, and speed up the flow of the sands of time.

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