Count Your Pennies

As I was driving to Campus this morning I was listening to the Old Time Radio Show radio channel. The show ran from 1943 – 1953. The show was based on characters appearing in Archie Comics. In the show that I was listening to…Archies father, Mr. Andrews, was endeavoring to cut household costs and he thus forbade Archie to speak for more than 3 minutes on the telephone and reminded him that each additional minute cost another nickel. The show ran when a nickel had significant value. Well…it took Archie a minute, of his allotted 3, just to giggle when his girlfriend, Veronica, spoke his name.

As i perused the medicine aisle at Walmart I eavesdropped on an elderly couple discussing the varying prices for medicinals that they required. The old gentleman studied each bottle with a keen eye for detail. He suddenly exclaimed that they could get twice as much for half the money…

At times we have a peculiar tape measure for judging economic actions. We might not purchase a new comb…until all of the teeth have fallen out of the old one…but thousands of dollars for a hobby that we enjoy…is a bargain. In Afghanistan we either spent 68 billion…or 1 trillion…or 2 trillion…depending on which newscaster that you are listening to. This spending was non-partisan. We believed that we had an Afghan Army of 300 thousand of highly trained military with the best weapons that money could buy. The army folded like a cheap suit…

We struggle to see the need to lift up the impoverished. We wonder who will pay for healthcare for those who work hard…and yet do not have the resources. Who will educate the poor and the working class in this country. Could it be that enrollment in State Universities has precipitously declined for a generation because the States have ceased to fund these vital institutions. We began wars in Afghanistan and Iraq…on credit. We sought to capture and punish those responsible for 9/11. Many years later we got Osama Bin Laden…the rest is a sad coda that is reminiscent of Vietnam…and our roof top escape from Saigon in 1975.

We have a rabid hobby of fighting wars that we can not win…we do not have the money to fix our toothless comb…that is the problem of the poor and needy…

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    1. Thank you, my friend.

  1. All so sad, all so predictable – bairns not bombs.

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