Night Fable

Oscar woke up thinking of home. He wondered how long that he had been sleeping. it seemed that he had just laid his head on top of his 3 pillows…and yet it was daylight then and it was pitch dark now. He recalled going about his daily routine activities. He had walked on Campus and taken photographs and written his daily blog…yet he did not completely recognize where he was at the moment. When he arose from his bed…there was Marnie watching her beloved Cubs. When Oscar asked who was winning…she replied, ‘Who do you think.’ Looking over the arm of his favorite chair, in the loft, was Wallace…with a bark…bark…and a snuffle. Darren came out of his hall bedroom and asked his dad if he was still going into work that night…and Oscar replied, ‘Am I? ….I guess so.’ As he sat on the edge of his bed to put on his work shoes…Bruiser…another of the families Boston Terriers…gave him his trademark single lick. Suddenly Oscar heard the doorbell ring. At the door were he mother and step-father, June and Demetrious, they were carrying a large smoked ham and Christmas Coffee Cake…and they asked Oscar to help them in with the Christmas gifts….

Something is a bit out of wack thought Oscar. I remember all of these happenings…but not in the same evening…or the same year…or even the same location. There was Marnie…in her 20’s…and she was asking Oscar if he was ready to go shop for their 1st Christmas Tree. Daren had been born November 16h and he was….brand new. As they drove their Ford LTD two door Sedan to DuQuoin…Oscar felt so lucky…and fortunate. He had a good job and he drove a good and reliable automobile…and he recently had been promoted to a crew leader in his housekeeping position. Why just the other day he and Marnie had laid their eyes upon a exquisite handmade Christmas village…and they bought it in celebration of Darren’s birth. It had cost $100…but there would be nothing but the best for their new baby boy!

Thud…laugh…laugh…laugh…Daniel had jumped out of his crib again! When he ran into find his mom, brother and Oscar, the few hairs that he had on his head…stood straight up and he grinned with abandon at his continuing victory over his parents useless boundaries.

Oscar walked down the stairs into his basement to see if he could distinguish some semblance of his present reality…at least the reality that he laid his head down on his 3 pillows with. At the base of the basement steps was his first home in Chicago. There was his mom, Neva, and his dad, Bill, and they were under a humongous Christmas Tree…and his dad was winding Laughing Santa…and Santa was laughing…uproariously!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Oscar walked up the stairs from the basement and up the stairs to his loft. When he reached the top step he was in the Varsity Theatre’s Loft theatre and he and Marnie and Steve and Faye were watching the premier of Godfather III. Faye leaned over and asked him if his headache was better…and he replied that it was since she had given him one of her pain pills.

We humans measure time in a chronological fashion. How does God measure time…

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