Here Among The Shadows

Shadows fascinate me. I think that they are illustrative of our time in this life. One of the most interesting cinematic experiences that I had lately was watching the movie ‘The Night House’ and its use of shadow in depicting what the main character perceived as a ghost. Each time that Rebecca Halls character saw the malevolent silhouette…the camera would back away and show that what she had seen could be explained by cut outs in the wood of the house and a combination of them with other physical features of the dwelling. Often what we see is an optical illusion of what our mind tells us that we are seeing.

Paul told us that, ‘We look through a glass darkly.’ We have an imperfect vision of reality. Shadows are a part of our daily life. Dwelling in the half-light of our human existence is mysterious and compelling…it drives us to be truth seekers. When people report that they have had a visit from a deceased relative or friend…it is not like having a beer together. Spectral would best describe our understanding of the after-life.

Understanding is a bit cloudy…even when it is sunny and clear…in this life. Everyone is looking for their significant other…or as we kids said in jest, ‘The best mate for you is in a cage.’ We all seek happiness…in the shadows. Our nation is almost evenly divided between Conservatives and Liberals…and both believe that they are right…in the shadows. We seek to know God…in the shadows.

I have spent 52 years of my life as a christian. Over that time my feelings regarding what Jesus considered to be a follower of his…have changed. I have learned that all God Seekers are of honest heart and clear desire to find the meaning of life. God does not have a favorite few. He did not create a world of 6 billions people and care for only an infinitesimal group of his creation. Our lives in the shadows of our limited human understanding and existence is an enjoyable discussion as we walk with each other….back to Jerusalem…

3 responses

  1. Beautiful. I share your love of light and fascination with shadow!

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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