Look To The Clouds

As you may be aware…I love Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale. I have spent much of my life there. I arrived as a young man of 20 years old…with the knowledge that I could do better if someone would assist me in accessing the tools that would enable me to increase my abilities. The University became my home. My mother had suggested that I become a barber and offered to pay my tuition to barber school. Now I respect barbers…but I never had a desire to become one. SIUC taught me that the sky was the limit…and that I could become anything that I desired to be. I thought that I was limited. I had been told that there were limitations. I accepted that there were smarter people and more gifted people and people who were earmarked for greatness…but not me. I had so many thoughts and plans and intentions…but wondered if I would ever fulfill the dreams of my heart.

After a 43 year association with Southern…I love it more than when I first began! I realize, at my almost 64 years of age, what SIUC gave me. It afforded me, a boy born in Chicago and reared in Southern Illinois, an appreciation for the diversity of Gods Creation. I was always a thinker…but I learned to question what was told me…at University. I learned to not accept what was told to me as truth…without research and never at Face Value. I found that all humanity is beautiful…and that travel is essential to read and understand…Gods Book…

The Great Spirit created us equal…we have made ourselves…unequal. The fleeting and gossamer wings of perceived power and prestige and importance is a ‘snake oil sold us by a carnival barker,’ that we are special and better than our…lessers. Committees…programs degrees…and resources…have convinced us that somehow we are the rulers of the less fortunate and the needy…when in the stark reality…’We are of all men…most miserable.’

One response

  1. Rows and floes of angel hair
    And ice cream castles in the air
    And feather canyons everywhere
    I’ve looked at clouds that way

    There was a mature student alongside me at college, he was a time served welder. When we came to the end of our course he went back to his old job. when I met up with him some years later (when we had both been through University) he told me when he returned to his old job, he found (intellectually) he had moved on and, the conversation that he had spent most of his working life engaged in was no longer of interest. that is the gift of education it opens our minds up to a new world and a new way of looking at that world.

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