Contemplation is a worthy exercise on Sunday. It is good to think about where you have been and where you are going. I vividly recall that, at least in Little Egypt, we did not work on Sunday…including not cutting our grass. Most retail stores were closed on Sunday. Alcohol could not be purchased on Sunday. But…the theatre was open for business…and that is where I spent the bulk of my day. I loved movies and could not get my fill of them. In the early 1960’s I paid 35 cents for my movie ticket and stayed all day…watching and rewatching the same movie. Even now if I see a movie that I particularly like…I return to the theatre for a second viewing…but not on the same ticket. Sunday is a good day for a nap..but then what day isn’t? It is a prime day for a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich…especially in these waning days of summer. It is a good day to think about your blessings and ignore your problems. Sunday says to us, ‘Come with me and I will show you special plans for your future.’

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I viewed a Swedish movie called, ‘The Unthinkable,’ and it was thought provoking in its primary thesis that although the Apocalypse seemed to be happening all around the main characters…they wanted to take care of unfinished interpersonal relationships. The old saying that we can not see the forest for the trees has never been truer. We seek satisfaction is things…when people who love us are on our right hand and on our left…waiting…

Sunday is good for thought. I wonder if we think about thought…enough? Thought wrote the Bible. Thought wrote the Declaration of Independence. Inextricable and knotty problems are solved through slow and immersive thought. Emotions mislead and misdirect us on many occasions but the axiom of my favorite Star Trek character, Mr. Spock, will aid us immensely if we stay dedicated to its simple question, Is it logical or illogical? Is is logical to ingest the livestock dewormer, ivermectin, rather than a vaccine that has been rigorously tested by the FDA…for the prevention of Covid 19?

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Collecting is a passion of mine and somewhat of MJ’s. Many years ago we fancied pewter figures by Rickert Pewter who had a lovely store in St. Louis Union Station when Union Station still had quality stores and restaurants. Mr. Rickert was friends with the popular actor, Leslie Neilson, and mentioned Leslie’s name often. His pewter creations were lifelike and compelling. MJ and I were enjoying dinner at Union Station and we ordered some white wine, which we seldom if ever imbibed wine…prior to this event. As MJ was on her second glass she asked me if I wanted the pewter figure of a man operating a video camera. Now this was a little statue that I wanted very badly due to the artistic rendering reminding me…of me. I literally had the video camera at my eye and running video tape for every event of Aaron and Jonathon’s childhood. So, we made our way upstairs to the Rickert Pewter store. I purchased my prized figurine…and I began looking at another…when MJ took my arm and intoned that the video camera man…was enough for today.

Rickert invited us to a special showing on a Sunday of his plethora of pewter creations. We went and the complimentary wine flowed freely. He had just began working on his first of several Baseball Hall of Famers. He was offering Stan Musial as the first figure. It was much taller than his regular creations and mounted on an onyx base. We ordered one as well as Jesus and six disciples. At the time it seemed like a wonderful executive decision. We have and enjoy them to this day…only Stan Musial of the six that were commissioned and Jesus and half of his disciples.

Love and peace and happiness and contentment is wrapped up in Sunday. We christians renew our relationship with our Creator on Sunday. We consider where we have failed to illustrate the love of Christ and we renew our determination to do better…with God’s help…in the coming week…

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