Memory is a time machine. I wrote of Malones Taffy at the DuQuoin State Fair, the other day, and I not only could taste the taffy but I could smell the sweet State Fair Aroma of corn dogs and elephant ears and lemon shake-ups. I could see the dusty paths of the fairgrounds and remember the excitement of attending a Barbara Mandrel concert…where she sang a song to MJ and her sister…that was about sisters.

In 2011 we had our screened in porch built. What began as something that I considered would be nice…it became my favorite place in/outside our home. One of the first times that I sat in its high splendor…I was transported to Maine and the Clarks Point Bed and Breakfast that we enjoyed on Southwest Isle. I was peacefully staring out at our pond, which we call Brooks Lake, and a cool breeze was blowing and I was enjoying a glass of. wine. When I shut my eyes and then reopened them…I was on the front porch of the bed and breakfast on Sunday…drinking wine and peering out at the ocean.

Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale welcomed me to a wonderful career on the evening of October 10, 1978. I was 20…and felt old. It was a cool and crisp afternoon and I was excited to be hired into a job that would become my home for 32 years and 2 months and 3 weeks. Our little offices were located in the old fire station that was next to the coal pile. The Accounting building that I was assigned to..was filthy. I was overjoyed…what a way to make a first impression…just by doing my job. My immediate supervisor was a little bald man who was friendly and enjoyed drinking coffee. His boss was an African American gentleman who walked with limp and smoked cigars. Both of these gentlemen made me feel like I was most important to the success of SIUC. I subsequently performed like my work made a difference…and it did…

I just saw a video of chancellor Lane giving students a ride to their classes in a golf cart. The students were pleasantly surprised and the chancellor was moved by their joy in his reaching out to them.

Life is good…if you give it a chance.

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