So, after 2 and 1/2 years…we finally made it too Maine. We wondered and fretted as to whether we should have gone…but we were vaccinated and masked and we did the deed. It was wonderful! We lodged at the Ocean Point Inn and Resort at Boothbay, Maine. The Inn has wonderful Ocean views and is rustic and comfortable. ‘The Inn was founded in 1898 by Captain Edward Burnham. It was originally called, Captain Burnham’s.’ Google

Maine has a special feel. There is a compelling and peaceful atmosphere. The majestic Atlantic Ocean with its rocky shores and 25 Maine Lighthouses…is a world that I thought only existed in story books and the movies. In fact we visited a Lighthouse that was featured in the movie, Forest Gump. During our week stay in Maine…many leaves changed.

Fun requires work…or as our Jamaican server told MJ one morning as he was asking her if she wanted some water, ‘Every thing that is sweet…requires water.’ Maine is a bit like an alternate reality. The architecture is different than the midwest…where the Brooks reside…and the pace is slower and more deliberate. It is a location that makes you consider where you have been…and where you would like to be…

Maine engenders a consideration of life and its meaning and your place in the grand story. Do you love lobster? I love lobster! I vowed to eat lobster each of the 7 days that we were there…I fell short by 2. Maine teaches you that the earths history is long…and you role in it…is short. As the parking attendant told me in Philadelphia when we visited several years ago and I did not like that he had instructed me to leave my windows down when I gave him the keys to the car, ‘What you crying about…Mon?’ Once that you are fully immersed in Maine and its spectacular natural beauty…you consider what makes you happy…and you seek those precious things.

Main is hard to get to…and it is hard to leave from. It wraps its arms around you and sings you the most lovely of sirens songs.

The Happy Traveler is still traveling and seeking…

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  1. ‘The Inn was founded in 1898 by Captain Edward Burnham. It was originally called, Captain Burnham’s.’ now there’s a novelty. I loved this coast when I cycled there, I did not have a camera at that time but did buy postcards as I travelled around America, on my return I had one whole wall of my bedroom covered in postcards, and one of those was Maine Ligh House, still in a box somewhere. Thanks for the memory.

    1. My pleasure, my friend.

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