L.L. Bean & And Other Maine Joys

My L.L. Bean Deerskin and fleece lined house shoes…were ‘Wicked Good!’ MJ’s parents, Fernie and Berl, bought me a pair for Christmas…for several years…when I was much younger and had smaller feet. I padded around our little 4 room house in Elkville, Illinois…and felt warm and secure and well served by such fine footwear. On our first day in Maine, a week ago Sunday, we traveled to L.L. Bean. MJ had told me that I might want to search for a new sweater…and that is all that I needed to hear. I found a wonderful black sweater that was heavy…only like L.L. Bean makes them for the harsh Maine winters. One time I had a pair of slacks that were quilted. They were the warmest slacks that I had ever owned…and they were from L.L. Bean. I also found a pair of Deerskin gloves…and they reminded me of my former beloved slippers with the only difference that they would keep my hands warm.

Ports of Italy is an Italian restaurant that is in Boothbay Harbor. Two and one half years ago when we visited Maine…we dined at Ports twice. The cuisine and service are five star. Have you ever had the experience of being served at a restaurant and feeling like you were home? That was our first experience and it has been replicated each time that we have been privileged to have dinner there. In 2019 our server was a gentleman from London, England and he was a consummate professional. This time we had a lovely lady who was a native of Italy and she advised us as to the glories of the Limoncello cake. Last Friday I had the Lobster Ravioli…and it was to die for… Have you ever had homemade pasta? There is a difference that is outstanding.

A Taste of Maine is just outside Portland…on the way to Boothbay Harbor. Their Seafood Casserole taught me what I had been missing in Little Egypt…when attempting to enjoy seafood. Also, their Lobster Mac and Cheese is chuck full of Lobster…and sensory heaven…

It is a rainy and cool day as I look out from the Writing Porch. Similar to my impressions of our 2011 porch addition…I feel like I did the first time that I sat out on it. It reminds me of Maine.

So, last Saturday as we drove back to the Portland Airport we had a little time to kill…as so we stopped again at L.L. Bean. I found another sweater…

Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

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  1. Great account of an enchanted land, far away from the struggles of everyday life. L.L. Bean was one of the most memorable stops on our junket out east. Thznks forcreminding me.

    1. My pleasure, my friend. 🌊🦞⛵️

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