‘Thirty Days Hath September’

Tomorrow is the conclusion of one of my 4 favorite months. It has gone by like the blink of an eye. A week in Maine added in the supersonic travel of September. I was sitting and contemplating getting my booster shot when my cell phone rang and it was a tape recording reminding me to get my flu shot. Our world is replete with viral challenges. As I traversed Campus yesterday I saw the most interesting and brightly colored tents outside Morris Library. Now I have always loved the Library…but especially now since they hired Jonathon…and he so enjoys being a member of their team.

Stress can cover you with a blanket of depression. Where once you saw sunlight peeking through the clouds of despair…now you see clouds obliterating the sun. When you cozy up and tuck yourself in under the warm depression blanket…it brings some sore comfort. Have you ever heard someone announce that everything bad happens to them? When you keep this attitude for some time…you are in danger of becoming the attitude. The sun will come out again…but you will not see it…because you still are ensconced under your blanket of despair.

‘Midnight Mass’ is an elegant horror movie. Over its 7 episodes it has a healthy and deep discussion of faith and how we interact with it. Probably the most lovely singing that I have ever heard in a scary movie. It is the type of show that you think about after it is over. One of the characters says during an episode…just before she dies, ‘I keep forgetting that this is not my real life…and I do it…over…and over…and over…and over…again.

My good friend, Rob, had the famous Almond Joy and Mounds Candy Bar line, ‘Sometimes you feel like a nut…and sometimes you don’t,’ for his character to utter in a wonderful church play…written by our pastor, Kerry. We are surrounded by joy…and happiness…and love…and suffering… and sickness…and death. We must be light bearers in the darkness…

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Pexels.com

4 responses

  1. Well said, BJ.
    Can I ask after the other 3 months?
    Surely October makes the grade?

    1. Thank you, my friend. Yes! I love September through December. 😃

  2. In the lyrics of the song “If it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.” I worked beside a lad that was very depressive, every day was a disappointment for him, we called him drip, drip. He was the sort of lad that had you said you had done your delivery of gold and ended up with an extra bar, and it would be more trouble to return than to give it away, do you want it? he would have said, “Do you know how far I would have to carry that from the bus stop home?”. I have no idea how his wife put up with him.

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