The Call

Monday is here again…and I like it. Monday has the feeling of ‘Let us get something done,’ and a workmanlike solemnity after the abandon of the weekend. Monday causes you to want to put your tool belt on…and measure something. It cries out that we can get through this…with a little common sense. For me…Wally and the Beaver have gone home and I have my new 8+10 picture frame and an easel to display it on…to prove my close encounter with the television stars of my youth.

I have been on a bit of a diet and have already lost some pounds. Each time that I begin this process…I wonder why I do not simply continue it forever…as I immediately begin feeling better. Food for entertainment is a prescription for disaster. It could be said that living well is the practicing of good habits.

Sunday, Pastor Kerry spoke of our entering the season of our church’s nominating committee for officers to serve on what is called in the 1st Presbyterian Church U.S.A….the Session. The Session would be the governing body of the local church. These prospective members are selected by the nominating committee and then voted on by the entire congregation…a democratic process. ‘Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.’ Proverbs 11:14. NKJV

Call is a word that I have often heard in christian circles. Many self appointed members of the clergy have announced that they are called by God to be a pastor…and Voila…they are a pastor. Some will say that Jesus was an itinerate minister…but then again…he was God’s son…all the rest please be rigorously educated…and peer reviewed… The cult leader, Jim Jones, told his flock of nearly 1,000 that he was called of God…’Now drink this Kool-Aid.’

Easy has the distinct odor of deception inherent in it. When someone tells you that you do not have to climb the ladder to success…but can be helicoptered to the top rung…they have more to gain than you. Life seems to be a one foot at time game. The steps are joyful and the journey is exciting.

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