We retired folks have to remind ourselves when it it the weekend. Our days have a somewhat similar pattern and scope. It is easy to fall into the plan that there is no plan. One day follows the next or as I heard a relative of mine say a few years ago, ‘Sun comes up…Sun goes down.’ The truth is that something is coming…next. The greatest chess masters look ahead on the board for several moves. They anticipate what moves that their opponent is going to make…and how they are going to respond. Life has a way of shrouding us in routine…when our shared reality is that change is inevitable.

Planning is a virtue and good planning is almost a lost art. Ron often says, Failure to plan is to plan to fail.’ All to often we live our lives as if we were playing the lottery…and that we expect to soon win big. Preparing for what is next…hinges on truth or sound facts. When we bank on conspiracy theories and lies…we have only shifting sand to build our preparation for the future.

Chapters of life tend to segue into each other. We had Boston Terriers for over 30 years. We also had a Black Labrador. Within 18 months we lost all three of our current canine residents. When you are a dog person for 30 years…it is a way of life. Loosing our beloved friends over 18 months gave us some time to get used to the idea of their absence.

A major change in life for me was retirement. I was with the University for over 32 years. I thought about it..morning…noon…and night. But…when I left…I was ready for my next chapter. Travel and writing and photography and time to enjoy the many hidden facets of our wonderful existence…are precious.

Our Pandemic has held on longer than we expected and our loss is immeasurable. Our scourge will finally pass. It has revealed a frightening amount of our fellow human beings who do not believe in science…and believe that they should persecute those who do. Pain and suffering and the devastating affect of COVID 19 is universal to our shared human experience. At the beginning of 2020…our Pandemic was ‘Next,’…and we did not believe that it could happen to us…and we thought that our political leaders would protect us by their false promises…and we assumed that being on the right religious/political side provide safety. Some assumed that they were children of the real…god…and that no harm would come to them.

Pandemic has taught us one bitter lesson…we are all equal in the rage of the Virus…and one precious lesson…that we are all children of God…leaning on the strong shoulders of each other…as we anticipate…next…

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  1. “We retired folks have to remind ourselves when it is the weekend. Our days have a somewhat similar pattern and scope. It is easy to fall into the plan that there is no plan.” And that this is just the way I love it, and what is best about retirement, each and every day is fresh and new, and I get to decide. “Rain comes down and it soaks my skin, the sun comes out, and I’m soaking again, life gets tedious – don’t it.” the lyrics remind me of what working life can be like.

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