Autumn breezes have made life more pleasant in Little Egypt. At this time of year the temperature high should be 70 degrees…while yesterday it was in the mid 80’s. It is 13 days until my birthday. When I reflect on how I reached this great age…I realize that a lot of good people helped me on my journey. Success is attained by hard work and the good will of others… The old sage, Forrest Gump, said…when quoting his mother, ‘Life is like a Box of Chocolates…you never know what you are going to get.’ I have found this adage to be true…but your happiness and contentment with the chocolate that you get is directly related to how you react to them.

Advertising has brainwashed us. Media has told us that life’s enjoyment and fulfillment is more easily attained by enjoying an alcoholic beverage…or 2…or more. When the reality of drinking any more than occasionally has proven to have deleterious affects on health and wealth and social relationships. The commercials depicting beautiful people laughing and partying and in general with not a care in the world….changes in the extreme at the end of the event when some are vomiting…and others are fighting…and others are crying…

Hype tells us that our political leaders are acting in our best interest. They tell us that they are telling us the truth…when all we have to do is go to the videotape to see their lies. Recently one of our political parties wanted to abolish Obamacare…of which millions of their constituents have as their only insurance…and they had no plan to replace it.

Ministers tell their hard working and poor congregations that if they give until it hurts of their money…god will make them rich. This hype works well for the minister…not so well for the congregants.

Selling is the soul of our society. ‘Buy my snake oil,’ the huckster said…’it will cure what ails you!’ Many people seek any cure for COVID 19 accept what has been proven to work by our world renown scientist and epidemiologist. Proponents of conspiracy theories have their own agenda and are the primary beneficiaries of garnering followers to their cause.

We look to the Hype…for our happiness…when it can be found in the faces of our loved ones and friends…and a beautiful breezy fall afternoon. We are a bit like the Israelites in the wilderness…we want a calf of gold…something that we can see and touch…and believe that we are better than our brother and our sister…that do not have such a fine…and shiny calf…

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  1. Advertising is power in the hands of the powerful, and its close kin, propaganda. but the truth is out there, all you have to do is let it in. “The words of the prophets are written on the subway wall.”

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