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Do you have a favorite hat or shirt or pair of blue jeans? One of the reasons I look forward to the season of fall is my love of hooded sweatshirts. I’ve owned a couple of my hoodies for over a decade! My hoodies in total number 7. My favorite is a green one that’s traveled the world and around Carbondale with me.

I am enjoying the recent change in the temperature in Carbondale. Lately it’s been a little cooler outside. I don’t know that I’m ready for icy conditions or bitter cold yet, but I am ready for cool. The next couple of months will be time for my hoodies to display their bright array of colors.

I’m sentimental about getting rid of clothes. Truly, I wear my clothes until they’re falling apart. Hawaiian shirts are hanging on still from my eighth grade year of school. Hoodies from my…

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  1. “Warning” for if you ever come to the UK. Hoodies have bad press here in the UK they are worn by people who are up to no good and do not wish to be recognised by the security cameras.

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