It is almost time for one of my favorite Christmas movies to return to the television screen…A Christmas Story. In fact Turner Broadcasting System plays a 24 hour marathon of the Christmas Classic from Christmas Eve Evening until the Evening of Christmas Day. Of course it is the story of Ralphie and his quest to receive a Red Ryder BB Gun for a Christmas present. The movie takes place in December 1940. ‘The Old Man’ as Ralphie’s father is entitled in the movie…receives a major award in a contest. When it arrives, shortly before Christmas, it’s carton is marked ‘FRAGILE.’ Inside is a table lamp shaped like a woman’s leg with hose on it. ‘The Old Man’ is overjoyed and subsequently places it on a table in front of a large window where it can be seen by all people passing by.

Fragile should be stamped on each of us when we enter this life. Not because we are helpless babies…but because we are helpless members of the human family. Our neighbor fell in her yard this morning. She and her husband have lived across the street from us for almost the entire 20 years we have been on Ash Wood Lane. I rushed over to see if I could offer any assistance and her husband told me that they had called the EMT’s and thanked me for my concern. I remember when they both worked in their yard all Spring and Summer and Fall. They sat out on their front porch in the evenings and were vibrant members of the over 60 Club. As I become increasingly older…I understand how they both felt with the helplessness of age catching up to them.

My friend, Bill, suddenly passed away a few days ago. I never really thought about how old Bill was…because he was always so active in our church. One of my first memories of him was when he was the Chair of the Trustees Committee. I had been a member of First Presbyterian Church of Carbondale for a few years…while he and his wife, Judy, had been members for many years. He made me feel welcome and at home on the Committee. I recall Bill mentioning that on an evening this past summer when MJ and Jonathon and I attended a dinner out with members of the church…that it was the one year anniversary of Judy’s passing. He looked lost without her. Pastor Kerry said today at Bill’s funeral that Bill was a story teller. Bill told us on the Session of the Church that he had been struck by lightning…twice…

I am a fan of the former television show, ‘Lost.’ The Rubik’s Cube Puzzle of the location of the crashed aircraft passengers…and when they where…and are they even alive…I found intriguing. I recall a scene where one of the characters was reunited with the Lost Group and she killed a threatening animal that was going to hurt some of them…and then she disappeared. I thought…that is just how quick that someone who you love or rely on or need in your life…disappears.

We are resilient and strong and courageous beyond measure…and we are weak and afraid and fragile…and seemingly eliminated by a change in the wind direction of…fate…

We are, ‘fearfully and wonderfully made,’ according to the Bible. Let us ponder and meditate on our actions and our words and our lives…before this Theatrical Production is done…and we are transported to the Performance that we have been anticipating…

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  1. “We are resilient and strong and courageous beyond measure…and we are weak and afraid and fragile…and seemingly eliminated by a change in the wind direction of…fate…”

    Mr. Brooks, you are right on the money. These days, after suffering a very serious illness in 2019, I am also celebrating how long we are here, supported by that very wind. In fact, I’m going to use your quote in my next Wellness Wednesday blog post, so stay tuned! ~ Kelly

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    1. Thank you, my friend. I am honored.

  2. Life is the same for man and chimpanzees a one-way ticket with no guarantee. Yes, it is a fragile bridge that bridges life and death.

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