Through The Mirror

The air was especially chilly after the unusual warm October days that had just transpired. There was just over one week until Halloween. Billy B. had awoken early on the rainy and cold Saturday in anticipation of the coming holiday week. Chet and he were going to go over to Billy B.’s cousin’s house and examine his Universal Studio Authentic Monster Masks. Cousin Gene had a plethora of masks displayed on shelves that were on all four walls of his bedroom. Chet had asked him, one time, if the masks made it somewhat difficult to sleep…and Gene replied that he could not see them in the dark but only when the blue light of the television shown through the gap in his bedroom door…or if the Moon was full. Billy B. called out for his mom, Neva Jane, but there was no answer. He searched every room of the house…and finally her bedroom. She was no where to be found…but there was a full length mirror near the bedroom window that he had not seen before. The frame of the mirror was ornate black wood…not painted wood…naturally black… It was obviously very old…as Neva J. was an antique aficionado…

Neve J. had been reading books by the American Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Cayce had given thousands of readings for people, while he was in a trance state. He would answer questions regarding healing, dreams and many on reincarnation. Cayce believed that all minds were connected in the Dream Realm. Billy B. thought of these recents discussions with his mom when he saw the black mirror…which he had seen one just like it in a photo of Cayce in his trance state. Cayce had died in 1945…and this was 1963. The sound of the doorbell ringing caused Billy B. to awaken from his thoughts and answer the door. There was his good friend, Jane, and she had some popcorn balls for them to enjoy. He remembered that Jane was planning on joining he and Chet at Cousin Genes. Jane was immediately drawn to the lovely and mysterious mirror. ‘Where is Neva J. at,’ Jane asked? ‘That is the problem…I have lost her,’ replied Billy B. Jane looked to her left…and there was Chet…drinking a hot cup of coffee. ‘I did not hear you come in…Chet,’ said Billy B. ‘Oh I have been here for some time, said Chet. ‘Your mom purchased the mirror from my mom’s antique store…and I delivered it before daylight, a grinning Chet said.

Neva J. had told Billy B. that she had seen an unexplained light in their living room when she was reclining on the sofa and reading Edgar Cayce’s prophecies…and that it had made the hair stand up on the back of her neck. He knew that his mom had been raised in a fundamentalist church with a strict interpretation of the scriptures. She went on the tell Billy B. that she had shared some of her thoughts and questions with her mother and that Billy B.’s grandmother had cautioned her to not read anymore of the Cayce material and to start attending church. Billy B. had told her that he thought what she had been reading was very interesting and that he was going to do some reading as well about ‘The Sleeping Prophet.’

Jane called out to Chet and Billy B….’Hurry come quick and see what I am seeing…in the mirror…’ They both ran to the bedroom and peered into the old silver backed glass. Before their eyes they saw a man laying on a couch and apparently asleep…beside him was a woman sitting in a straight back chair…Neva J….

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