Old #64…Has Left The Station

Yesterday was a lovely day for me…full of light and laughter…and love. The Birthday celebration began for me on Friday when Ira Kaye and Ron asked us up for lunch in Centralia, Illinois. As an added welcome surprise our niece Tara joined us. I first met Tara when she was a wee young person…and I have always considered her…wonderful! We ate at a great restaurant that looks like a castle and the food was delicious. When I see Ron and Ira Kaye I see my good friends who we have traveled with and visited in Florida and New Mexico…and who have been a constant joy in all of the Brooks lives…

MJ has been asking me for some days if I did not want to open her birthday present to me…early. I kept declining in lieu of October 24th. Yesterday I knew why she was anxious for me to tear into the package…it was a pair of outstanding LL Bean Pajamas. I have not owned a set of pajamas for many years…sleepwear is a whole new experience for me…

Aaron knew that I wanted an Onyx bracelet. I think that I am taking after my old contemporaries…as I have always enjoyed rings…but now also bracelets designed for men. Mom loved the colors red and black and as I have aged…they have become my favorite as well. I have worn a black Onyx ring for many years…now with the bracelet to match…I am a bit of a mafioso.

Jonathon gave me a Seinfeld’s Kramer character in June for Father’s Day. He then mentioned that there was also a Newman Figure from the television show and did I want it for my birthday. I replied with a hearty yes as Seinfeld is my favorite TV show of all time. But yesterday there was a LP album from Jonathon of Norah Jones Christmas music. And…an original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle…with a great story to accompany it. The TMT came from our favorite Eclectic Emporium…Electric Larrys…

Lamb is the movie that we saw at the Landmark Theatre in the Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis, Missouri. It was very enjoyable and I will not spoil it for you…but it adds a significant twist and a new meaning…to parenthood.

At one time it made me angry for someone to refer to me as young. I had positions that were beyond my years…at the University…and I did not want to be considered immature. My first pastor told me when I was 15 or 16 years old that I had an old soul. The truth is that as I have gotten older…I see things that I did not when I was younger. There are nuances to life…there are opaque images and things that hide in the shadows…or just out of eyesight. We are surrounded by beautiful people…but we are so busy we fail to see the beauty. Others are looking to us for a word of encouragement…and a smile…a kind remark…a hand of assistance as we navigate the dimness and the darkness and the pain and the suffering of our human condition. I used to hear that others watch what you do much more than they listen to what your say.

‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’. Maya Angelou

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