Abandon House

Three days until Halloween. Billy B. and Chet had a master plan. They were going to have a Halloween Party on Saturday night…and Trick or Treat on Sunday. The location for the Party would be the old Gothic three-story abandoned home on the way into Eldorado from Raleigh. This was a scary-looking place in the bright sunlight…but at night…it was truly sinister. Jane and Sally were coming as were Daryl and his dad, The Wiz, who had promised to bring with him a film projector and a copy of Lon Chaney’s famous horror film…The Phantom of the Opera. It was going to be a frightening event with a candle in each of the house’s thirteen windows. Jane and Sally were coming as some sort of evil twins from something called the Shinning…but Billy B. did not know what they were talking about…as it was 1963…

Chet had purchased a new Halloween Costume…Robby the Robot. When Billy B. asked him why he had changed from the Lost in Space Robot…Chet said that it was time for something different. Daryl noted that the group would enjoy his Costume as it was straight out of Hogwarts…and again this was met with a shrug by Billy B. Billy B. had decided to attend as JFK…his favorite President…and his mom loved it. Jeff C. had said that he would come, at the last minute, and that since Billy B. was going to be JFK…he would be Vice President LBJ. With his full mask and suit…and Texas drawl…he had an uncanny resembelance. Neva Jane had returned from the other side of the mirror. She had little to say about her experiences with Edgar Cayce other than…time was a false construct that we humans had invented to make sense of our current reality.

The moonlight that night had an orange glow. Billy B. and Chet brought in the Kool-Aide and the Halloween cookies and The Wiz had just stretched a bedsheet across the candle-lit living room to act as a screen for his showing of The Phantom of the Opera. There was Jane and Sally…looking very sinister as the evil twins. Chet called out, in his new Robby the Robot voice, ‘Come here Mr. President and look at this mirror…it looks just like the antique mirror in your mom’s bedroom!’ Billy B. could not believe his eyes…it was his mom’s mirror and Daryl was standing next to it as Harry Potter…whoever that is…and saying, ‘Step right in ladies and gentlemen…for a travel to a parallel reality…’ Billy B. stepped in first and Jeff C….or Vice President LBJ followed after… They were in a motorcade…in Dallas, Texas…and a shot rang out…and LBJ said, ‘My God…they are going to kill us all…’

Photo by Hakan Erenler on Pexels.com

Suddenly…Daryl’s father, The Wiz, took an ax to the front door of the Abandon House…and said…’ Here’s Johnny!’

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  1. But BJ, you’ve always been the caretaker.

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