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Sixty-eight degrees makes for a nice November 8th. A gentle breeze is blowing and the multicolored leaves are yielding their place on the branch. Today…it is difficult to imagine that winter is around the corner. I think of our canine family…two of which were still with us at this time last year. They appreciated the nice weather. The Boston Terriers did not like the cold…no fur. We had little jackets for both of them…that they proudly wore on cold days. They did not like rain. The only way to convince them to do their business outside was to accompany them…until the mood struck them. When Aaron lived in Fishers, Indianna we often took Brody along with us to visit his brother. He was 11 then…and still a flirt with the ladies… He pranced down the long hallway to Aaron’s apartment and stopped right at the proper door. He knew where his favorite human resided…

Travel plans warm my heart. I think about them on a daily basis. They are somewhat like the Holiday Season…half of the fun is in the anticipation. I have always loved travel….even from my much younger years. I recall traveling with our good friends, Faye and Steve, for many two-day vacations. We took two-day vacations…because we could not afford three. Steve and I worked together at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…on the evening shift. We decided on more than one occasion to leave directly after our shift concluded rather than wait for daylight to dawn. We enjoyed traveling at night…which now that I have entered the Golden Years…I no longer enjoy it. Simply staying overnight in a hotel was an adventure for me. I had grown up in Eldorado, Illinois…and the big event for me was our once-a-year journey to the DuQuoin State Fair…and we did not spend the night.

Maine is a destination of prominence for we Brooks. We have been there 4 times and are planing the 5th for 2022. I think that Maine is my favorite State in our Country. When I am there…I feel at home. MJ is calling the Ocean Point Inn @ East Boothbay to book our late September too early October stay. That may seem like a long way off…but it is right down my alley…as I will think and meditate on it daily until the time of departure is at hand. We particularly enjoy staying at the Ocean Point Inn…it is right on the Atlantic shore. ‘Founded in 1898 by Captian Edward Burnham, the Inn started with 20 rooms and a 40-seat dining room. The Main House and Annex (today’s Inn and Lodge) offered ‘rooms with electric lights and access to public bathrooms.’ For a number of years the Main House itself was the Ocean Point General Store and Post Office. Guests would journey to Ocean Point by steamship, train, taxi or motor car over log roads.’ Ocean Point Inn & Resort.

Edinburgh, Scotland was one of our favorite destinations…in 2016. We want to return but not until the Fringe Festival is held again, in August and along with the Military Tatoo that is held at Edinburgh Castle. The Signature Event at Edinburgh in 2016 was a Tour of Haunted Edinburgh. We enjoyed the experience so much that we have booked a tour of the Haunted Lemp Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. This ‘Black Friday’ excursion will be accompanied by a night in the Lemp Mansion as well as dinner in the home.

Scenery change is good for the soul. Something to look forward to…lifts the spirit. When I am in Maine…I feel like Brody did when he visited Aaron…I hurry down the long hallway to the spot that is my home…in spirit…

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  1. Gotta love a lighthouse (and Edinburgh, too) x

  2. Edinburgh, Scotland was one of our favourite destinations…in 2016. Hast ye Back.

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