Macy’s Thanksgiving…Surprise

The Event of the Day…began early on Thanksgiving morning. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was televised from New York City… Billy B. got up early for the spectacular balloons and to see Santa Claus at the conclusion of the Parade. As usual Chet was coming over to watch the parade with him…and Jane and Daryl had been invited also. Neva J. had made Holiday Egg Nog and her Famous Coffee Cake. Billy B.’s neighbor…Lanny…had stopped by for just a few minutes for a piece of Coffee Cake…and a bit of Nog…which after drinking it he whispered to Billy B….’You will really like the egg nog…this Thanksgiving!’ Jane arrived dressed as a Pilgrim and Daryl came shortly after dressed as an Indian Chief. Chet commented that the Egg Nog was especially rich this year…and Jane asked for another cup as her cheeks became scarlet in color and her smile widened to a happy grin…

The humongous balloons were fascinating to behold. They swayed in the Manhattan breeze and it appeared to take many people holding on to ropes that were attached to the giant cartoon figures to keep them in their relative place and not hitting light poles or buildings as they marched in front of the Macy’s Store. Junior looked in on the kids and took a swig of Nog and said, ‘Damn…that is quality Nog you are serving, my dear!’ Neva J. already had the six-foot aluminum Christmas Tree erected and the colored light wheel spinning and shining on it. Along came Rocky The Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose…and Billy B. wondered what it would be like to fly with them above the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…and see all of the people from such a lofty height…

Jane laughed heartily as she held on to Rocky’s large neck. She said that usually she was afraid of high places…but not today… Billy B. held on to Bullwinkle’s antlers…and wondered what had happened? Daryl called from below as he held a rope for Rocky and Chet held a rope for Bullwinkle…’ Isn’t this what you wished for Billy B.?’ At about this time Jane lost her hold on Rocky’s neck and began falling toward the ground. Billy B. let go of Bullwinkle and fell to save her.

Neva J. said, ‘What are you silly kids doing,’ as Jane and Billy B. lay on the floor in front of the TV. ‘And where is Daryl and Chet,’ Neva J. asked.

Chet called out in an excited and frightened manner, ‘Where are we going, Daryl?’ Daryl replied as he held tightly to the rope connected to Rocky The Flying Squirel and looked over at Chet holding tightly to his Bullwinkle rope, ‘Bullwinkle and Rocky have invited us to the Land of Aesop’s Fables…and Rocky says that we will land soon…’

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  1. Garfield’s missing!!!! Thanks for the share BJ. I miss these floats or balloons!

    1. My pleasure, my friend.

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