Reindeer Revolt

Rudolph said that he had received a belly full. He noted that his kids needed braces on their teeth and that he had been sick with Covid for two months and that his North Pole insurance did not cover the at home care that he received all November…nor the constant haranguing telephone calls from Santa’s Aid…Brittany…who would first ask a cursory question as to his health and then came the real question…when was he going to return to work… He told the Reindeers that were assembled at the Union Meeting that he had tried in vain to contact Santa directly…but could not reach him…as he was in Florida…seeing his doctor…or as Rudolph asked the group, ‘How many of you would like to have a doctor in Florida…or how many of you have ever been to Florida?

Comet said that he had been counting on his Christmas Bonus and that he not only had seen nothing of it…but that his wife Bridgett…was very upset as he had promised her a holiday in the Caribbean after Christmas… He mentioned that he had spoken to Mrs. Claus about his families need for a pay raise to keep his kids in Charter School and Bridgett in new shoes and Holiday Apparel.

Cupid proclaimed that the roof on his house needed to be replaced and although he brought toys to every good little boy and girl…his kids often went wanting…due to lack of funds. He wondered if the message of their dissatisfaction had ever reached the ears of Mr. Claus…or had been stopped by his underlings… He went on to say that Mrs. Claus was super protective off the Old Elf…and did not want to see him upset.

Blitzen chimed in that he did not think that Santa was aware of the problem…or he would provide a solution. He said that Santa had told him that he would help him get a condo in Destin…if he wanted one. Blitzen told Santa that he truly enjoyed the Beach Air and the white sands of Destin, Florida.

Santa appeared in the midst of the assembled Reindeer. ‘What is wrong my faithful children, Santa asked? ‘Without each of you…I could not be a joy to the world’s children…you are more important than I am, Santa said! ‘I just got back from Destin…and I feel much better after a little time on the beach…and I want to give you each a small token of my appreciation for you, the Jolly Old Elf said. ‘I am giving each of you a new condo and a 30% pay raise…and a membership in the Jelly Of The Month Club,’ laughed Santa…

Billy B. and Chet were watching the Reindeer meeting of the AFL-CIO… The Reindeer began to dance and sing, ‘Who is the King of Christmas…You are the King of Christmas!’

Humphrey the Elf…heard the joyful singing…and wondered what the Reindeer were so happy about…

4 responses

  1. A very good Christmas tale. 💞

  2. NOW it feels like Christmas! Thank you! Where has this year gone?!

    1. Thank you, my friend. The year has gone by in the blink of an eye 👁!

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