Santa Is Giving Out Mittens…

I just read a posting on Facebook that says, Santa is giving out; hats and gloves and shoes and coats and mittens in our, now closed, Macy’s parking lot…while supplies last. My mom often told me of her Christmases when she was a child and the fact that it was a major event for her and her sisters to receive an orange and a banana and some nuts…for Christmas. There were five siblings in her family and her dad was an alcoholic. When you are cold…nothing says Merry Christmas better than a nice pair of new mittens and a scarf for your neck and a coat…when you have none.

Christmas Movie that was sponsored by the Lions Club in Eldorado was a major event for me in the 1960s. On Saturday morning many of us kids would enjoy a Holiday movie at the Orpehum Theatre and afterward, there were the Lions passing out, what seemed to me to be, giant baskets of candy and fruit and nuts and toys to each of us that were in attendance. Talk about feeling special…I felt like the Little Drummer Boy…

My friend speaks of, ‘always believing in the Christmas Spirit and the Spirit of Christ.’ I could not agree more… In our world where we tend to focus on which political party is in power…or who has the inside track to fame and fortune…or who has more than we do…and how did they get it…there is the little girl whos hands are cold and red…the little boy runs to school with a light jacket…and hugs his arms about him…for warmth…

I used to negotiate with Chancellors and Presidents of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale, Illinois. As president of the Civil Service Council, I represented the needs of nearly 2 thousand staff on the Carbondale Campus. I was speaking with a Chancellor on one occasion and telling him that many of his Civil Service staff received Food Stamps because they made so low wages. I went on to say that I had spoken to a group of Clerical Staff whose apparel was in disrepair and somewhat ragged. On another occasion, there were serious discussions regarding the Contracting Out of full-time Food Service positions. When I spoke to my friend, the Chancellor, regarding this frightening issue, along with my friend Jake, he became a bit angry with me and told me that perhaps he should consider contracting my custodial staff…as well… I was feeling rather unqualified for this speech with a powerful administrator and me…a lowly housekeeper…but I said that I knew that he would do the right thing… The Chancellor that I speak of had a heart of gold…and a bark that was much worse than his bite. He gave the Clerical Staff a raise and chose to not Contract any Civil Service Staff. This is the Spirit of Christmas…

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  1. Santa will need a negative test this year if he is to deliver in the UK.

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