Wallace…The Christmas Boston Terrier

Billy B. was still undecided as to what to get his mom, Neva J., for Christmas. He had thought of getting her some books that she had been talking about…or perhaps a marionette puppet to accompany the Pinocchio Puppet that he had requested from Santa Claus… He remembered the Puppet Show that his neighbor Steve had put on for him and his mom last Saturday night. Neve J. had laughed and laughed when a little marionette had appeared on the tiny stage…called Wallace The Boston Terrier. The Wallace puppet was brown instead of the more common black. He danced and frisked across the other marionettes and jumped on them and licked their noses…and barked a mighty bark…for a small dog. Of course, it was Ivy, Steve’s mom, doing the barking and her constant smoking of Salem Cigarettes gave her a husky bark…that was extremely convincing.

Jane and Chet accompanied Billy B. to the pet store. Jane had a Boston Terrier and she knew what to look for. As the three dog whisperers looked high and low for a precious Boston…they finally found one…but it was black and white…and Billy B. had his heart set upon a Brown Boston. The Pet Store Attendant said that not to worry as she had a Brown Boston in the back that had been a little sick…but had just been given the all-clear from their veterinarian. Out came a sniffling and coughing small bundle of dog that looked more like a rabbit than a canine. He was so ugly…he was cute. ‘This is the one that you must get for Neva J…she will love it,’ exclaimed Jane.

Christmas morning came and Ivy and Ed and Steve and Susy joined Billy B. and his mom and Jane and Chet…to open Christmas presents. Steve had promised a Christmas marionette show after the presents were unwrapped and Susie and Jane had promised kisses under the Mistletoe if the boys minded their manners. Neva J.’s egg nog flowed freely and it was spiked with Peppermint Schnapps…after all, it was Christmas Morning…and her famous Coffee Cake was being eaten like that it was going out of style… Jane brought out a large red and black Christmas Box with a strange rustling from within…and she said, ‘Open this box…Pretty Lady.’ Neva J. undid the ribbon and took off the lid to discover Wallace The Boston Terrier looking up at her as if he had just discovered his Mommie. Neva J. was over the moon with Christmas Joy and she and Wallace The Boston Terrier danced the Christmas Dance… Then it was time for the Puppet Show…although by this time everyone was a bit sleepy from the wonderful Peppermint Schnapps Egg Nog and Neva J.’s Famous Coffee Cake.

Steve proudly proclaimed that there was always a little Christmas Magic on Christmas Morning. Suddenly on the Puppett Stage pranced Wallace The Boston Terrier and his Brother…Brody The Other Boston Terrier…and they began to perform. As Chet patiently waited under the Mistletoe for his promised Christmas Kisses…the room became dark and when it soon brightened up once again…there was Brody The Other Boston Terrier in Neva J.’s lap…along with Wallace…and thus began the long history of the Chicago Boston Terriers…

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