An Eldorado Christmas

1965 found Billy B. 9 years old. He was born in 1957. He was just 1 year away from double digits…and soon to be grown and on his own. For Christmas, he had asked for a Big Swinger Polaroid Camera…and he had peeked to discover that this was his gift from Neva J. Last Christmas, Christmas 1964 he and his mom had been visiting his grandma, Grace, and several of his aunts were there for the Monday Night Visit…and when the subject of Santa Claus came up…they had laughed and looked shocked and dismayed that he still believed in S.C….especially since he was a young man of 8 years old! Billy B. assured Wanda and Guelda and Vema that he knew that Santa was real as he had visited him at his house on West Street. Vema laughed and said, ‘That was no one but Old Bob Winters…not Santa…’ Neva J. reproved her sisters and told them that they had overstepped their bounds by telling Billy B. that there was no Santa Claus. At that point, Billy B. was determined to prove the existence of The Jolly Old Elf…

Billy B. had written a letter to Santa…at the North Pole and he had received the nicest response. Santa told him that not only did he exist…but that he would prove his existence to the 3 Doubting Sisters… The plan was for Santa to join their Christmas Festivities after he had completed his Christmas Eve Flight with his Reindeer. He would join Billy B. and Neva J. and his buddy, Chet, at grandma Grace’s house and enjoy Christmas Dinner with the entire group. Billy B. told Santa that there would be a long table set with all manner of Christmas Goodies and that he would save him a place at the head of the banquet. Santa replied that he would be there with a few surprises for the doubting Thomases…

Chet and his mom, Thelma, joined Billy B. and Neva J. for the short drive to grandma Grace’s. Thelma had brought a fragrant roasted pig and some uncooked hot dogs for Chet…which was just the way that he liked them. When they arrived there was so much laughter and mirth and making merry…that the Christmas Dinner was an hour later than planned. Suddenly…there was a loud knock at the front door and the peel of deep laughter…Ho…Ho…Ho… When Billy B. rushed to answer the door…in walked Santa and Mrs. Claus. Vema….and Wanda…and Guelda…looked astonished and somewhat humbled…for them… Santa ate like a hungry Elf who had been working all night. He asked for more Roast Pig and more uncooked hot dogs…as he exclaimed that was just the way that he liked them and had not had any since his mother had passed away. Then he summoned the 3 Doubting Sisters to come near his chair…while he packed his Christmas Pipe with some Apple Pie flavored tobacco. Santa first asked Vema what she had wanted as a Christmas gift when she was a little girl…that she had never received? Vema thought but a moment and replied, ‘I never received a Sketch Book and Drawing Pencils and some Watercolor paints and paintbrushes…as I wanted to be an artist…but we were much too poor for such expensive gifts for…me…’ Santa reached into his Great Christmas Sack and pulled out a half dozen Sketch Books and 100 Drawing Pencils…and every Watercolor imaginable with 100 paintbrushes. Tears welled up in Vema’s old eyes…and she hugged Santa and Mrs. Santa too.

‘Wanda…come here…and receive my gift for you,’ said the Old Sprightly Elf. Out of the Magic, Bag Santa pulled a Girls’ Schwinn Bicycle. Wanda exclaimed that she had asked for a Schwinn Bicycle when she was 9…but had not gotten one…and thus she had ceased to believe in Santa. Her hands trembled as she thanked Santa for restoring her faith in him…and in kindness and goodness and love…

‘Guelda…do not be afraid of me…come closer and see that I am harmless,’ laughed Santa. ‘Guelda…you are a bit of a musician…are you not,’ asked Santa? ‘I am sir…but I can not afford an organ to play and practice on, ‘replied Guelda. ‘Step into your bedroom…child…and see what Santa had brought for you,’ Santa said… as the Apple Pie Tobacco encircled his head. In Guelda’s bedroom was an antique Peddle Pump Organ that was perfectly tuned…and Guelda sat down and began to play…’Santa Claus Is Coming to Town…’

Chet walked up to Santa and asked if there was anything that he would suggest as to how he might be able to see just a bit better as his glasses were the thickness of Coke Bottles… Santa said, ‘Are you the young man that is the cause of the delicious uncooked weiners being a part of the feast?’ Chet answered, ‘I am Mr. Claus…it says right on the package that they are already cooked and therefore I think cooking them more destroys their delicious flavor…’ Santa then said to Chet, ‘Your choice of Hot Dogs has made my Christmas complete…take off your glasses and then you must tell me where Mrs. Claus can buy more of the delicious delicacy…’

Henceforth Chet had 20/20 Vision…and he and the Old Hot Dog Lover…met each Thursday for Oscar Mayer….straight out of the package…

3 responses

  1. Such a great story of the magic of Christmas! Happy holidays, my friend

    1. Thank you, my friend. Happy Christmas, too you! πŸ€ΆπŸ»πŸŽ…πŸ»

  2. The king asked his two boys what they wanted from Santa – one wanted a train set the other a cowboy outfit – on Christmas morning the first to look from his bedroom window found a full size railway had been laid out in the desert – the second looked out of the window and saw the Houses of Parliament. well it is Christmas.

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