Searching For The Meaning Of Christmas

Billy B. woke up with a smile on his face…as big as Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale. It was 1 week until Christmas Eve…and he and Chet and Jane and Daryl…had a lot of work to do to help Santa restore the meaning of Christmas to a Pandemic Plagued Earth. Santa had been studying the disbelief problem most of his career…but it had grown exponentially during 2020 & 2021. Many of the children of the world had ceased to come to visit him in the grand department stores and malls and the many Christmas Villages…due to their fear of becoming ill. One of his best receptions was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Santa had been accused of being a perpetrator of the commercialization of Christmas…but he knew the truth of the matter. He had been called by many names throughout time and known in different forms and missions in various countries. Father Christmas…Piere Noel…and St. Nicholas were among some of his esteemed titles. This year Santa and Billy B. and Chet and Jane and Daryl would assist Santa in delivering a handmade wood Nativity to every home that they visited. These Nativities were handcrafted throughout the world by skilled artisans who made each scene of the Baby Jesus’s birth…with love.

Jane had suggested to Santa that perhaps we had gotten the entire Spirit of Christmas…wrong…when we focus more on the celebration and less on the event that we are having a party…with gifts…for? She gave the example that it was a bit like having a birthday party for a newborn…and the child being left in the bedroom…while the gift-giving and the cake eating and the punch drinking…was miles away in the Civic Center…

Billy B. said that the most meaningful Christmas Seasons that he could remember were the ones where he and his family attended their church’s Christmas Eve Service and sang Silent Night…by candlelight… He went on to note that his thoughts were not on how many Christmas Gifts that he was about to receive…but rather on the gift of Christ’s Birth.

Chet noted that he really did not feel the Christmas Spirit until he observed the kindness of one human to another human…or saw the childlike wonder in an old person’s eyes…or heard the Christmas Eve Bells.

Daryl said, ‘My Christmas Prayer is that everyone can and will receive vaccinations for our Pandemic…and that we all will begin the New Year understanding that…we are all one family…we can not make it without each other…and if a member of my family experiences success…I have succeeded…

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  1. I was making ready to go out with some friends for lunch, on the television was an old black and white movie ‘The bells of St Mary’ (Bing Crosby) the children were rehearsing their Christmas nativity that they themselves had written and were acted in (that changed every time they rehearse it) at the end of the play they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the baby Jesus, I wish I had time to see it all.

    1. I appreciate your reminding me of this great movie!

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