Santa’s Talk

Four days left until Christmas. Santa knew that he must speak with his colleagues to let them know that he had been feeling in this time of Pandemic. He asked Humphrey to gather all of the Reindeer and Elves and Front Office Staff…which were elves…together to hear a few words from him about what they were facing this year…2021… He knew that Rudolph felt marginalized and that many of the elves had felt unappreciated…and that everyone felt burned out. This was a year that could make or break Christmas…and the Spirit of Christmas was sorely needed in every home and hovel and in all human hearts…

You could hear a pin drop in the large North Pole Auditorium that Santa had gathered everyone in to speak to them from his heart… ‘Thank you for coming,’ Santa said. ‘Each of you is vital to our Christmas Operation…and I could not do this job without you, he continued. Our Pandemic is attempting to destroy Christmas…and with that the Spirit of Christmas…and with that…the hope of all mankind,’ Santa said softly and with deep remorse. ‘The Pandemic is the New Grinch…and it must be battled and defeated…’ exclaimed Santa! ‘We must aid each child in getting vaccinated and their parents too…or we are in danger of succumbing to our darker side,’ Santa continued.

Rudolph stood up and asked to speak. ‘I am foursquare behind Santa Claus,’ said Rudolph. ‘We are the hope of the children of the world…and we must lead in this fight against our Pandemic,’ Rudolph said. ‘As for me…I will donate all of my 25% bonus to vaccinations for the children and I hope my fellow Reindeer will do so as well.’ ‘We must support the Spirit of Christmas by giving hope to the children for a brighter future for them to grow up in,’ Rudolph intoned.

Mrs. Claus stepped up to the microphone and said, ‘Santa had been sick this entire Christmas Season…he has had Covid…and recovered…slowly…but instead of following his Doctor’s advice to retire to Destin, Florida…he has chosen to stay and fight this dreaded Disease…and to bring hope to all of the children of the world. The auditorium erupted with applause and Humphrey and Rudolph and many others carried Santa on their shoulders around the room to the peels of, ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow…!’

Santa asked Dr. Anthony Fauci to be his special guest to accompany him on Christmas Eve to bring hope and comfort and the gift of vaccinations to the children of the world…

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