Peace On Earth…Good-Will To Men

So, the time has arrived. Christmas Eve is here and the Christmas Lights are strung and the Christmas Gifts are wrapped and Christmas Turkey is unthawing. I have heard it said that a lot of pizza is consumed on Christmas Eve. Santa has already begun his journey. Christmas Dinners are being prepared for the homeless and the poor. Our hearts are full of the joy of the season…our cup runneth over.

Christmas Wine is being uncorked to facilitate it being able to breathe. Some of us are scurrying to buy that last-minute gift that we either did not have the money for…or could not find. We look for the conclusion to the Story of humanity’s redemption and the end of suffering and death and pain and hate and strife…when in reality…tomorrow is the beginning of all of our hopes and dreams…if we choose…

December 26th will come as sure as the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. After Christmas Sales will be in every department store…and the lines will be long to return items that do not fit or that the person who received the gift does not want. There will be Christmas Leftovers to eat and movies to watch and relaxation to enjoy… We will refresh and renew and look toward the New Year with hope and anticipation. But will we forget what manner of woman and man that we were today and on Christmas…and what the Spirit of Christmas whispered to us when our hearts were full of love for our fellow man?

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