Santas Miramar Beach…Conundrum

Santa stared at his doppelganger who was before him…with his Santa Hat on his head…and a lit cigar in the 1957 California Pottery Ashtray that was balanced on the arm of the beach chair that he was sitting in…dead… Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall…Santas 2 primary personal assistants…were apoplectic regarding the condition of their beloved boss. ‘How did this happen…he was fine and in good spirits when we left him to go to Sundog Books to purchase for him the book…Nightmare Alley’ said Lauren B. ‘He was going to read it before the three of us went to the Destin Commons AMC Theatre to view the new Nightmare Alley flick…with his 2 favorite actresses, Toni Colette and Cate Blanchette,’ replied Humphrey B. For you must understand that the only Santa that Humphrey and Lauren saw was the dead Santa…they did not see the other live one…

Santa pondered how he could have such a perfectly identical twin. When they were boys they had regularly fooled the grade school teacher at Hillcrest School. Then it dawned on him that his twin brother, Dave Kringle, had passed away 30 years ago… He was looking at the mirror image of himself…quite dead… Suddenly up walked Dave. Santa said, ‘Is that you brother…or are there now three of us?’ Dave answered, ‘Kris…your old heart just ceased to beat…and we are in the waiting room between life and death…how do you like it?’ ‘Well, I wanted to finish my Peanut Butter Old Smoky Whiskey and my Cohiba Cigar…and to read Nightmare Alley,’ replied Santa. ‘Also, I have committed to another 5-year contract as the active Santa Claus…hoping to see the children through the world through the Pandemic…before I retire, Said Kris Kringle.

‘He opened his eyes,’ said Lauren B. ‘Oh…I must have fallen asleep again…I just can not seem to stay awake…were you able to find…Nightmare Alley?’ said Santa.

Santa awakened to the sound of his own snoring. The darkened theatre was conducive to a nap. There was Toni Colette helping Bradley Cooper’s character take a bath…Santa thought…what a strange dream…and I must try to remain awake…to tell his chief elves…Aaron and Jonathon…about the movie…

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