The great Heavy Weight Boxer Joe Lewis said of an opponent, ‘He can run but he can not hide.’ A similar refrain can be uttered for the Omicron variant of Covid. We have been running from our Pandemic for over two years…successfully. First masks and social distancing and then both vaccinations and a booster. We literally did not go anywhere in 2020…and rarely eat out or travel to this day. When we do we are often the only people in the group that are wearing masks and are subject to our share of dirty looks and political/religious condemnation. Yet…Omicron has found us…

Now you may think that we feel misused by having followed the best health advice from our Health Experts…I do not…I am relieved that we have done everything that we could to avoid this plague. It is neither a political/religious/conspiracy hatched by the behind-the-scenes rulers of the world…nor is it the overblown flu that many claims. It did not end after the Presidental Election…and it appears that it will be here to stay for the foreseeable future and that we will have to learn to live with it. Someone said that they did not like to be told what to do with their body… I could care less what you do with your body…until your carelessness affects the health of my loved ones…

Having the sniffles and a bit of a cough is a lot better than being placed on a ventilator… I think that all of us need to pause and think about our heated rhetoric and research that comes from a box of Cracker Jacks. Also, we mask wearers need not think that we are superior because we do what science tells us is prudent…we are all mere children before this Virus. We need each other and we must love each other and endeavor to understand each other…rather than paint our living rooms…while our kitchens are on fire…

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  1. personally I feel that the coronavirus outbreak was handled badly from the off. We saw what was unfolding as the virus travelled west, yet government’s ignored the warning from WHO, they put commercial interests ahead of peoples health, and the virus got a foothold. Bad enough, but as government’s dithered over the balance of commercial/heath interests the virus had time to invade, find out our weaknesses and change structure to circumnavigate our immune systems, leading us to where we are today, a virus out of control. The world has some big problems to deal with and we need serious people to deal with them but what do we have. Biden, his popularity falling like a stone down a well, so they use the same old propaganda to deflect the media and the people away from the problems in America “Russia is about to invade Ukraine”. Here in the UK we have bumbling Boris, who lies with impunity to try and keep his job, “Who is running the country?” not the government, that’s turned into a punch and Judy show. Across Europe people at taking to the streets over high cost of living, coronavirus restrictions and discontent with many of its leaders, and all this in a year of electing presidents in Europe, midterm elections in America, or as here at home local elections. You could not make it up, the world at present is rudderless, “Where can I find a skeelie skipper to sail this ship o’ mine?”

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